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Hand raised excellent temperament.The average size is 15-25 pounds.


A chausie is a  hybrid cross between a jungle cat (felis chaus) and a domestic cat.To ensure healthy outcrossed extra large chausies, various domestic cats are used in the hybrid cross. Here at Jewels of the Nile we also have four separate jungle cat bloodlines as well as a range in generations from full jungle cats to f5 generation. We have already produced our first Chausie to Chausie kittens two years ago.
This is an important step in getting the Chausie into the shows and to be more accepted with Tica (the International Cat association). They are a very active and curious breed almost doglike in their behavior..

The chausie is an amazingly intelligent feline. They bond strongly with their humans. They can vary in size with the males being slightly larger than the females, but are all much larger than a domestic cat. Again the size of the animal greatly depends on the type of breed crossed with..

At Jewels of the Nile all of the domestic cats used in the hybrid crosses are from large domestic cats. I have worked hard not to use small cats in my program. The cubs are endless with their energy. Chausie and Serengeti kittens should have the same care and follow the same vaccination schedule as a domestic cat would. Because of their almost doglike personality, chausies are much more trainable than your average domestic cat. They come when they are called and if started out young they will walk perfectly on a leash. Even though they will love the outdoors they should always remain indoor only pets. My guys love to play fetch as well. Chausies are very loyal as well as amusing companions. Enjoy browsing the gallery and stop back often to see the new additions.


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