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South Asian Voluntary association of Environmentalists  

SAVE, is a joint initiative of individuals concerned over the continued environmental degradation. With environmental issues posing serious challenge to the world, there is hardly any place on the face of earth immune to the threat. Kashmir known as the paradise on the earth is face to face with this alarming threat.

The pristine glory of the world famous tourist resorts has been vitiated by the indiscriminate human interference in nature. Over past more than a decade the indifference meted out to the ecology of these places has robbed them off their splendor.

While on one hand the political unrest has caused much destruction to the environment, on the other the lack of awareness among the people has let the rot go unchecked. The overwhelming rise in pollution has had deleterious effects on ecology. Even as various measures at government level are being taken for the development in the state, it is sad that environmental concern is not looked after.

Amid this precarious situation a group of individuals has come together to take an initiative aimed not just at creating wide spread awareness among the people on environmental issues, but also taking the issue with agencies concerned for practical measures.

The motivation behind the formation of SAVE has been practically to work for safeguarding and protecting the ecology of the place. In its sphere of work SAVE is doing and would do everything possible for the protection of the ecology of the state. Should the SAVE get an opportunity to work for the conservation of nature in any part of the world, it would not hesitate to do that.


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2006 SAVE... Working together for environment and people.