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SOD- Save Our Duo
Welcome to SOD. This page is about Duo Maxwell (the Maxwell House Coffee man! )  It is also about Hentai And our STRONG hate against it.  This page is not only for Duo but it is more for elimination of Hentai.  We HAVE to stop hentai and never let it spread.  The thought that children are able to see a form of Pornographic images is disgusting and we (Preja and Reika, the webmistresses) want it to end.  So help us and our Coffee man against any form of Hentai.  Please look at our page and take it seriously because Hentai is wrong you all know that.

You are the

Anti-Hentai/duo lover to come to this page since April 9, 2000

Note: ALL images(including backgrounds)on this page were either altered or made by us, the creators of SOD

Disclaimer: We, the webmistresses of SOD do not claim to own Duo of Gundam or Maxwell House Coffee. They are both copyrighted of their own respective owners. We do however own SOD and most of it's affliates. If we find that anyone has copied SOD in any way, we will take legal matters into our own hands. Please do not take what doesn't belong to you.