Janet Frasier... medical goddess of the SGC!

Pick up an exotic virus on an alien planet?  She'll find the cure.  Get shot, bashed, beaten, maimed, brained, or in any other way whumped?  She'll have you on your feet in time for next week's episode.  Not completely up-to-date on your inoculations?  You need only ask.  Along with her trusty nurses and never-ending-supply of Really Long Needles, no medicinal solution is beyond her reach.

* Attend Medical School (Or get a fake degree) to hang on the wall over your desk.  This will bring you closer to the way Janet sees her work environment.

* Write ten prescriptions

* Write four short stories injuring every member of SG-1 so Janet can put them back together without ever mussing her perfect makeup.

* Dye your hair chestnut brown in salute to the tiny doctor.

* Meet in a chat room with other Frazierites to discuss The Brilliance That Is Janet

* Page yourself three times during meals to truly appreciate the selfless work of the doctor.  (Buy a pager if necessary)

* Create a webpage in tribute to TBTIJ

* Write a poem pledging your undying love and respect for Janet and doctors everywhere.

* Find four people to inject in the buttocks to remind yourself of the tight glutes Janet gets to ogle all day.

* Walk around with knees bent until achieving the perspective of the world from 5'2" tall.

* Draw a cartoon depicting Janet yelling at Hammond, Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, etc.

* Have a fight with your teenage daughter until you can appreciate the plight of raising an alien teenager.

* Mail 15 letters to MGM demanding Janet-centric episodes.  Be as nasty as you like, but don't forget, we advise you to be nice.

* Send links to your tribute page to every general forum in the entire SciFi Community.
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