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Welcome to Rachael's Savvy Tyme! This is my little site to show my success with horses the "Natural" way. Better yet, the Pat Parelli way! I feel this is another useful way of spreading the word on just how great the Parelli method truly is.

I started this program about 5 years ago. A friend had a horse that was highly challenging with a high play drive. She was going on vacation and needed someone she could trust to handle him properly. So in about 2 days I had to learn about 2-3 months worth of information! Even though it was a lot of info that I didn't completely understand, I quickly decided that this was something that I was going to do with my horse some day. At that point in time I was only a caretaker for other people’s horses, as my parents couldn't afford to get a horse. Almost a year went by of off and on learning of the Parelli method.

Finally the day came that I was able to afford my own horse! I had looked for several months to find a good partner. I had several offers from people but it just didn't feel right. I had started getting in contact with TIER Rescue and was invited out to meet some of the horses. I originally went out looking for a mare. I thought a PMU filly named Kiwi was perfect. But, she and I just didn't click as well as I wished. But in the same stall area there was the sweetest flea-bitten gray Arabian gelding. I thought he was cute stroked his face and went back to looking at the other horses up for adoption.

A little bummed out that Kiwi and I didn't click mom and I went home. I checked TIER's website everyday for updates on all the horses and for some reason that cute Arab gelding was sticking out in my mind. Every day I looked at his picture. Each time I looked I could feel myself get more and more excited.

Four LONG months later I was able to go back to TIER for a second visit. Standing in his stall waiting for me to come back was Royal. Ears perked, eyes bright like he just knew I was coming. That day I knew he was the horse for me. I stayed at the rescue all day and just hung out with him in the round pin. I pulled up a chair (literally) so Royal and I could get to know each other. No running or working him... Just simply spending time.

November of 2001 I brought Royal home. He was my first horse and the one to really jump-start my journey through PHN.

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