2004 Edition
So 2004 is upon us.  Time to take a look back at the first half of the year and to look ahead to the second.  Scranton continues to be a busy place as the DL, R&N, CP and Steamtown all combine to make certain that its never dull in the Electric City!
News From Around The Globe
The Delaware-Lackawanna:
Business continues to be strong on the DL.  Several new customers have come on line, including Trevdan Supply Co., which is now accepting cars via a new siding in Mount Pocono.  Additional products are now being placed at Valley Distributing in South Scranton and several more industries are expected online in the next few months.

A new car storage siding has bee constructed in Greenridge, helping to alleviate the build up of inbound cars in Scranton.  Additional track work and upgrades will begin in shortly on the Carbondale and Pocono Lines as well.

Power on the DL continues to be as varied as the customers served.  Current power includes DL 3642, DL 2461, DL 4103, DL 310, MHWA 645, MHWA 804 and CNUR 325.  DL 334 also made a few mainline appearences before heading to NY state.

The DL even took delivery of a caboose, a former DL&W Scranton-built car shown here.
R&N and CP Rail:
Things have quieted down on both lines after a somewhat eventful Winter and Spring.  It seems like almost every week there was a derailment of one kind or another in the Wyoming Valley on one of the two roads.  Fortunately none involved serious injury or hazardous materials.  Traffic continues to flow at a steady pace on both lines.
The first photograph shows the aftermath of an R&N derailment at Oak Street in Pittston on 12/29 while the second shows Hulcher heavy equipment working on a CP Rail accident in Laflin on 12/26.  Scenes like this were somewhat common throughout the '03/'04 winter season.  Both photos courtesy of Ed Kaspriski.
Steamtown & The Electric City Trolley:
The Electric City Trolley has begun operating over a newly-completed extension to the Lackawanna County Visitor Center.  This extended electrification makes for an exciting 10 mile round trip.  Click here to see pictures from a test run in April 2004.  For more information visit their website at

Running gear work continues on CN 3254 at Steamtown.  It is hoped that this work can be completed by the July Fourth Holiday Weekend so that the engine can be used on a series of excursions to Tobyhanna, PA. 
Click Here to see photos of work on the 3254 from 6/20/04!
In Depth:
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A historic miniature train and a dramatic train watching overlook make Nay Aug Park a true railfan destination.
Nay Aug Park:
Go for a ride along during a rare mainline appearance of the DL 334 and DL 4103.
A Day on the DL:
Pealing back the years on the DL 310.  Long defunct paint schemes of the Lehigh Valley & the D&H are revealed during a recent overhaul.
Locomotive Archeology: