1st State Troops
Company C
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Anderson District

Duncan Sr, Benjamin Franklin, Captain. He was born 21 January 821 in what is now Anderson County, SC. He was a farmer and a Doctor. He was the son of Robert Duncan of Scotland, and part of a large family of Duncan's who settled in this area about 1790. He married Talithia Emaline Smith 27 January 1844, and they produced 8 children. He died in Anderson, SC on 21 February and is buried there in Smith's Chapel Cemetery.

West, Thomas W., 1st Lieutenant

Mattison, James A., 2nd Lieutenant

Avery, Asa, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Norris, J. W., Sergeant Major

Towers, A. B., 1st Sergeant

Davis, J. H., Sergeant

Dean, Samuel A., Sergeant

Drake, James A., Sergeant

Major, Hiram B., Sergeant

Cobb, H. A., Corporal

Gambrell, J. S., Corporal

Howard, Dudley C., Corporal

Prince, J., Corporal

Adams, Isaac M.

Adams, James

Bagwell, H.

Bewley, W. C.

Bird, Martin

Bowie, A. A.

Branyan, J. J.

Branyan, T. M.

Brock, Reuben

Brown, Edward

Brown, George

Brown, John M.

Burris, Levi

Calahan, William M.

Caldwell, J. P.

Caldwell, Robert

Campbell, G. J.

Campbell, William J.

Coker, Berry

Cooley, E. T.

Cothran, Richard, born in Anderson 1819. He enlisted August 1863 Anderson and was discharged Sept 1863 at Charleston, due to disability. He was 5' 11" tall, blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion and his occupation was farmer. He married Sarah Ann Gillespie and died in Anderson in 1875.

Crawford, David

Crimes, B. F.

Cummins, William

Davis, G. W.

Davis, M. A.

Davis, Martin

Davis, W. L.

Davis, William

Dickson, Samuel

Drennon, D. H.

Duckworth, J. J.

Durham, A.

Elgin, J. H.

Elgin, John A.

Elrod, Alfred

Freeman, Martin Fralix, born 7 Oct 1818, died 23 June 1902 in Oconee County, buried Old Westminster 1st Baptist Cemetery, Oconee County

Gambrell, Harper

GambTell, M. T.

Garrison, Henry

Gasaway, James S.

Geer, S. M.

Grayson, Henry J.

Greer, N. A. J.

Guess, W. W.

Hanks, Nimrod

Hanks, Stephen

Hill, David

Holcomb, Kinchen

Hopkins, J. M.

Ingraham, Philip

Kay, F. M.

Kay, Joel

Kay, Nimrod

Kay, R. G.

Kay, W. P.

Keown, William M.

Keys, J. C.

King, Josiah

King, Peter

Latham, John B.

Maret, J. H.

Martin, Jesse R.

Martin, Reuben M.

Martin, William

Mattison, S. J.

McCown, J. T.

McGill, William

Merritt, A. J.

Mitchel, Wiley

Murdoc, Joseph

Nelson, James

Newell, W. B.

Nichols, W. A.

Philips, Bird

Poor, J. B.

Powel, F. M.

Prewett, E. D.

Prewitt, Toliver

Price, H. P.

Ramsey, A. W.

Reed, A. E.

Rees, E. M.

Rodgers, Larkin

Rogers, J. P.

Sanders, Elias

Sayler, John A.

Sayler, John B.

Sayler, John N.

Searight, J. H.

Shearer, John W.

Shirley ( Shearly ), Stephen, born 13 May 1822, Anderson or Abbeville County. He was transferred to the 22nd SC Infantry. He was under Elliott at Petersburg and killed in the initial explosion at the Battle of the Crater, 31 July 1864. His body was not recovered. His name is on a plaque in Blandford Church in Petersburg, VA. There is a memorial to Stephen at Long Branch Baptist Cemetery in Anderson County, SC

Simpson, D. M.

Smith, J. D.

Smith, Joel

Smith, M. M.

Stevenson, Elbert

Stokes, J. H.

Stokes, J. W.

Tate, Grief ( Greif ), born 19 June 1820, brother of Tilman Tate. Grief was transferred to Orr's Rifles and survived the war and died 6 Dec 1892.He is buried at Flat Rock Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County

Tate, Tilman, born 26 May 1817, Flat Rock, Anderson County. He died of typhoid fever 18 Oct 1863 at Ft Moultrie, Sullivans Island, and was buried in Flat Rock Baptist Church Cemetary, Anderson County.

Tayler, Toliver

Telford, G. B. He later served in 2nd Battalion, Senior Reserves as Battalion Ordnance Sergeant

Tucker, J. P.

Tucker, W. T.

Watt, J. W.

Wedd, J. T.

Whitman, David

Williamson, William

Wilson, J. F.

Wilson, J. W.

Yeorgan, Nathan

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