3rd South Carolina State Troops
Company B
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Greenville District
Laurens and Anderson District

Roberts, Thomas B., Captain, born 1821. He was previously a captain 16th Regiment, Company A from Nov 1861 to June 1862 until reorganization for The War. He later served as Colonel 1st SC Reserves Aug 1863 until Feb 1864. He died in 1885, Greenville, SC and is buried in Springwood Cemetery in downtown Greenville

W. Lu
Jones, John M., 1st Lieutenant
Hutchings, S. B., 2nd Lieutenant
Roberts, C. B., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Henning, Norman P., Sergeant Major, born about 1844. Living in Greenville in 1860. Had enlisted as a Private in 2nd Infantry Regiment, Company B on 15 April 1961. Discharged 8 July 1862 as under aged. Enisted in 3rd Reserves 1862. Enlisted in 16th Infantry 13 Feb 1863 and transferred back to 2nd SC on 18 Oct 1863. He was killed at Bentonville, NC and most likely buried in the mass grave with his fallen comrades.
Goldsmith, Thomas, 1st Sergeant
McKittrick, Samuel, Sergeant
Walton, David S., Sergeant
Wood, N. J., Sergeant
Bayne, William, Corporal
Bramlett, W. D., Corporal
Gossett, Fielder, Corporal
League, Robert, Corporal
Snow, Thomas B., Corporal
Thompson, Theodore B., Corporal

Adair, B. A.
Allen, J. M.
Anderson, John
Brown, Joseph
Bryson, Robert
Burdett, Jesse
Burry, Francis
Carpenter, Lewis
Cox, Thomas M.
Davis, N. H.
Davis, T. W.
Duggans, D. E.
Faff, W. R. B.
Fielding, George
Fowler, T. L.
Furgerson, Noah
Gage, Alva
Goodwin, Johnson
Grady, John W.
Greenfield, Alexander
Greer, John M.
Heine, William
Heldman, George
Higgins, Wilson
Hoff, G. W.
Howard, John M.
Jennings, William
Jones, L. M.
Jones, Y. M.
Keenan, John
Kilbum, T. C.
Krauss, John
Mahaffy, J. M.
Neely, Jackson
Nelson, T. B.
Owens, R. M.
Owens, William
Pinson, E. I.
Pool, Jordan P.
Seyles, P. W.
Simmons, L. M.
Sloan, C. S.
Smith, Jasper
Staggs, Edward
Steen, Thomas
Stokes, John W.
Story, Arthur
Tanner, Carter
Townes, W. A.
Tracey, F. S.
Vaughan, W. P.
Walker, T. A.
Wardell, Theodore
Westmoreland, S. R.
Wood, Benjamin
Wright, W. M.

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Many of these same men served together in The Sixteenth South Carolina, C.S.A. Company I, surrendering at Durham Station, 26 April 1865. The link will take you to a great site on this fine unit.

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