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Doujinshi are comic books produced and sold in Japan outside the mainstream market. Although some feature original stories and characters, the vast majority are based on an existing manga, anime, video game, or novel. Doujinshi-ka may create original stories about their favorite characters from their favorite comics in new situations. Doujinshi may be humorous, dramatic, tragic, or pornographic. The art quality can range from childish stick figures to fantastically beautiful beyond the quality of the characters' origin. But all derivative doujinshi hold one thing in common: They represent the spectacular dedication of fans to their favorite stories.

Reviews are sorted alphabetically by series. Keep in mind that all reviews are written with only a little understanding of the book's text.

**General Spoiler Warning**
Reviews may contain extensive spoilers for both the source material and the doujinshi.

Dragon Ball
Title Circle Genre Review Date
Be There
Bon-Jya Piccolo & Gohan WAFF 6/3/03
Daimaou Komaru! Seinto Books division of Akamanma Piccolo & Gohan WAFF 8/5/04
Kuchibue no Kimochi ACT Piccolo & Gohan humor 6/3/03
Pikkoro-san Daisuki ACT and Yokohama Tuxedo Club Movie 2 humor 6/6/03
Legend of Zelda
Title Circle Genre Review Date
Attention Hold Alias Nanigaya Ocarina of Time humor 6/27/03