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    Doble Impacto - (Double Impact)

    Doble Impacto is a genuine Cuban band based in Belgium. They have been very successful in Europe playing at all the major festivals and have shared the podium with many of the top Salsa talents such as Manolito y su trabuco, Orquesta Aragon, Ricardo Lembo, Grupo Gale, Oscar dí Leon, Candido Fabré, Albita Rodriguez. This is what just a few promters have said about them.

    "This band makes everything even furniture swing !!!!!!!" Kid Van Thienen, Belgium".

    "Through their unique style and songs, Doble Impacto differentiates itself from other traditional groups. The bands five members, mix son, merengue, cumbia and salsa with rap and techno, creating sweeping rhythms you can dance to, resulting in an exotic party atmosphere". (Jubileum Festival, Maastricht, June 2001)

    "Doble Impacto is the best salsa/merengue group in Belgium". (Festival de Cuba, Apeldoorn, July 2001)

    Since Juan Carlos Rosquete formed Doble Impacto in November 1998, the band has become so popular in Europe that he says "I think everybody around knows the band, but in other places I guess it is different."

    During their performances Doble Impacto aims to excite you with a dance-show that is driven by variations of the different Caribean rhythms (Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, etc) and although their music is strongly influenced by Salsa and Merengue, Doble Impacto also plays a fusion style which mixes in regge, tecno and latin rap. This gives their performances a wider spectrum to work in and ensures that their audience gets up to dance and enjoys themselves.

    Juan Carlos Rosquete says Doble Impactoís concerts can be described in three words: Pleasure, Energy and Heart.
    "We are ready, a la batalla!"

    The band has a unique style and repertory, which gives their five performers all the impact of the typical ten piece orchestra and which makes sure their music appeals to a wide age group. They are soon to release their own CD (previously they were included on the Cubamania album). Watch out for the new CD! To be released soon!!!

    Doble Impactos's Band Members

    Juan Carlos Rosquete
    Born: Cuba
    Instruments: Lead vocal, Electric Sax, composer

    Walfrido Hernandez
    Born: Cuba
    Instruments: Backing vocals, Percussion

    Fania Rodriguez
    Born: Cuba
    Instruments: Synthesizer, keyboard, backing vocals

    Wilfredo Hernandez
    Born: Cuba
    Instruments: Congas, backing vocals

    Javier Arenas
    Born: Chile
    Instruments: Piano

    For booking and tour details contact Juan Carlos Rosquete.

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