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    Made in Australia - Australia's & the World's Latin Bands
    StreetDance's Sydney Gig Guide continued...

    Here is a list of some of the Afro-Cuban and Latin bands playing throughout Australia. If you know of a band and would like us to include their contact details in this list, or better yet provide us with their bio, click here to email StreetDance and we'll add it to the list! If you know of an email address or web link for them please provide it.

    Alex Pertout - From the Heart

    June 2nd, 2001 - Alex Pertout has released his latest CD - "From the Heart". The album features Alex's very special guests Tommy Emmanual, Mike Stern, Hossam Ramzy, Tom Coster, Raul Rekow, Kavisha Mazzella, Paul Grabowsky, David Jones, Joe Chindamo, Steve Wade, Ben Robertson, Christine Sullivan and Darryn Farrugia.

    With credits on over 140 albums, percussionist Alex Pertout is today undeniably one of Australia's most recorded musicians.

    You have heard Alex Pertout play in movie soundtracks and in the percussion section of an extensive collection of bands from Seona McDowel in 1978 through to Powderfinger in 2000. His resume is so extensive that it is hard to encapsulate this man's talent in just a few words.
    To check his bio click here!

    As Michael Foster (The Canberra Times) said about his 1993 album, "We have all heard his music without knowing it. Now we can acknowledge, enjoy and wonder at it all."
    To hear MP3 samples of "Alex Pertout" click here!

    Bandida - Deseada
    To sample "Deseada" click here
    Deseada is a series album. It features Bandida, who's powerful voice is backed by a multinational band with members from Australia, Japan, the Philipines and South America. The CD is sung mostly in Spanish and is a collection of original material and a few covers. The arrangements, by percussionist Armando Gomez and keyboard player Fernando Aguirre are very imaginative, with elements of rap, rock, and techno entwined with the essential Latin bases of son, timba, rumba and salsa.

    You should buy this CD. I did! CD available from most record shops that stock Latin music or get it direct from Del Pacifica records, PO Box 525, Woollarha. NSW. Australia. 2025. email


    Banolero features Natalia Segura, Ney Arrua and Maurice Kleckin. These guys play a fabulous blend of latin rhythms and modern caribbean grooves that will make you want to dance all night long! Their music will take you on a journey through the hot beaches of Cuba, the samba filled streets of Brazil and will speak to you about the essence of Latin American.

    For booking details contact Ney on 0404 230 728
    email | Check out their web site!

    Brazza (Hot Coals) :- see SDA's Band Review!

    Brazza means "hot coal" and that is just one description you can give to the bandís style which covers everything Latin, from Salsa, Bomba, Cumbia to Latin Jazz. The band features ten of Adelaideís finest Latin and jazz musicians, together they explode on stage to produce the most high calibre authentic Latin dance music in Australia. Deb Welch, Station Manager, Radio 5UV describes their performances as throwing "fire into the crowd with their sizzling and infectious mix of traditional latin beats and tropical favourites - this band is hot hot hot !!!"

    For booking information please contact La Bomba Productions (Natalie Stansfield) on 0401 811 722
    Email: email


    Candela is a 10 piece band featuring congas, bongos, timbales, piano, bass, vocals, 3 brass, 'Candela' play a mix of styles from Cuban group 'Dan Den' to salsa from Puerto Rico and Colombia.

    For more details contact: (61 2) 9529 4368 or 0414 586043

    Chocolate on Ice Cream

    Check out their web site! Strange name, great Salsa band. These guys are based in London. Conducted by the pianist, producer and arranger, Jose Volga. Their music style is inspired from swing, emphasising Afro rythyms which produces original sound. Their chorus and a four trombone section, gives them a special touch of harmony and identity, especially when the mambos come in.

    Charanga Libre

    Formed in late 1998 'Charanga Libre' is one of Australia's first Charanga groups, bringing together some of Sydney's most accomplished and diverse musicians. 'Charanga Libre' utilises the instrumentation of flute, violins, piano, bass, vocals and percussion of the great Cuban Charanga groups. As well as original compositions 'Charanga Libre' performs songs from groups such as 'Ritmo Oriental', 'Orquesta Aragon', 'La Original de Manzanillo', 'Los Van Van' and 'Charanga Habanera'.

    For more details contact: (612) 9716 6934

    Doble Impacto :-
    see SDA's Band Review!

    Doble Impacto is a genuine Cuban band based in Belgium. They have been very successful in Europe playing at all the major festivals and have shared the podium with many of the top Salsa talents such as Manolito y su trabuco, Orquesta Aragon, Ricardo Lembo, Grupo Gale, Oscar dí Leon, Candido Fabrť, Albita Rodriguez.

    The band has a unique style and repertory, which gives their five performers all the impact of the typical ten piece orchestra. Their music appeals to a wide age group - performing salsa, merengue, timba, latin rap etc. They are soon to release their own CD (previously they were included on the Cubamania album). Watch out for their new CD! Soon to be released!!!

    For booking and tour details contact Juan Carlos Rosquete.

    Mi Tierra :- see SDA's Band Review!

    This 15 piece, Canberra based band, "Mi Tierra", plays the hottest Timba and Salsa in Australia! Timba changed the whole idea of Latin music for Mi Tierra, as the band says, "this music is not an easy thing to do but once you do it you get crazy because it's so contagious and powerful. We started in 1994 and then in 1998, we changed our whole look and sound introducing Timba. Since then, the band has been in huge demand in Sydney, Canberra and elsewhere!

    What sets these guys apart from the other bands is they really know how to play the Timba! Their Timba sound is characterised by tight arrangements played by excellent musicians, very hot horns and of course those smokin' Cuban rhythms. Of course, they also perform amazing Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, ChaCha, Lambada and all that! If your in Sydney you probably have seen them at BJs, Harbourside or the Marconi Club. In Canberra at any of the major venues.

    Valeri Rojas, Mi Tierra's bass guitarist says, "We not only play great music! We also give a great show! When we start playing Timba, the whole band, every single member, dances around like crazies. We are the only band in Australia where that happens! We have a great energy and we keep the same energy all night long. I think that is what makes us really different to other bands. You ask anyone who has seen us perform - they will tell you that it is true!"

    For booking details contact Renier Rojas: 0262 324521 or 0411 022 957


    Mojito is a 5 piece traditional acoustic group with guitar, bass, guiro, maracas, clave, bongos, violin, flute and vocals. The groups repertoire covers the classic songs and rhythms of Cuba from groups such as 'Los Compadres', and 'Trio Matamoros' as well as songs featured on the 'Buena Vista Social Club' album.

    For more details contact: (61 2) 9716 0736

    Sandunga :- see SDA's Band Review!

    Sergio Mulet, the bandís leader describes 'Sandunga' as the first ever AfroCuban band in Australia. Sergio will be quick to tell you that "this is the band that started it all in Australia (the recent Cuban craze)"! The bandís line up over the years has changed but that has been good for the Latin scene here in Sydney, with its original members having moved on to form other similar groups. Read StreetDance Australia's Band Review for Sandunga.

    Son Veneno

    Son Veneno is a 9 piece band featuring congas, timbales, piano, bass, vocals, 3 brass, 'Son Veneno' play songs from Los Van Van, Manolito y su Trabuco and Issac Delgado in a Timba style, as well as salsa from Puerto Rico.

    For more details contact: (61 2) 9742 5013 or 0418 637 003

    The Marconi Dance Band (1999 MO Award Winners)

    The Band performs at Club Marconi most Saturday and Sunday nights and are hugely popular with the Latin community living in western Sydney!
    Several years back the band was formed to provide dance music to the members and guests of Club Marconi. However, they are recognised in the entertainment industry are amoungst the best backing bands in Australia. So good in fact that every year since 1997 they have received a MO Award nomination. They took out the prestigious "best accompanying band" category in 1999.

    The bands plays a wide variety of dance music covering all rhythms including cumbia, salsa, tango, beguine, rhumba, habanera, cha cha, samba, bayon, waltz, bossas, swing, foxtrot and tarantella.

    This Band Review link will take you to the Club Marconi website. From their menu click on Entertainment, then click on Cabaret, then click on Dance Band and voila there they are!

    CACIQUE - Viva Latino America - Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Rumba

    Cacique are perhaps the most popular and frequently heard Latin American band in Melbourne, Australia. One essential key to their success is their intense enthusiasm, their powerful performances driven by both their immense musical talent and the natural power of youth. Their CD has excellent and very danceable Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Rumba.

    CD available from Arc Music in the UK

    Kenny Lopez

    Melbourne based artist

    For more details contact: (61 3) 9489 8207

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