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    Way back in 1997, the Cuban trumpet sensation Arturo Sandoval, after playing with Sandunga, declared "Thats a great Latin band, I didn't expect to find this in Australia!!!!!, Bamboleo, Son Del Solar, Rumbavana, Sydney"

    Long before that gig, Sandunga was developing their unique sound and strong following. Through years of performance at Australiaís major music festivals and the best live music venues in Sydney, they have come to be described as the "Kings of Sydney, Afro-Cuban dance!" ( Craig N. Pierce, The Drum Media, Australia)

    Their music is a dynamic blend of Salsa, Latin-Jazz and Afro-Cuban. Their groove is infectious. Their range is extensive - covering the full range of Afro-Cuban music - from Salsa to Rumba, Cha Cha, Mambo, Bolero and Son Montuno. Check out StreetDance's Special Events page for their next gig and go and see them perform! You wonít be disappointed.

    Since 1995, when Sandunga first hit the Sydney scene, it has been getting some pretty hot reviews. Too many in fact to list here but here is sample...

    Sandunga, Cuban for tasty or spicy, is certainly hotting up the Sydney dance scene. (Bellingen Global Carnival, Australia). Sandunga is irresistible dance music first and foremost." (The Metro, Sydney Morning Herald). "If you have been searching the streets of Sydney for a different and more satisfying night out, the search is over. Sandunga is hot! Hot! Hot! and without a doubt, will inspire your body to move like it has never moved before." (Bradley Chatfield, Sydney Dance Company).

    Sergio Mulet, the bandís leader describes 'Sandunga' as the first ever AfroCuban band in Australia. Sergio will be quick to tell you that "this is the band that started it all in Australia (the recent Cuban craze)"! The bandís line up over the years has changed but that has been good for the Latin scene here in Sydney, with its original members having moved on to form other similar groups.

    The unique sound of Sandunga is derived from the diverse cultural background of its individual members, who share a strong passion to develop a new musical expression. The band's spirited and moving performance captures the uniqueness of Australiaís cross cultural expression.

    Sandunga's Music Makers

    Sergio Mulet - Drums, Timbales, Percusion and Vocals
    Sergio is Sandunga's leader. He has been playing music for over 25 years and is experienced in many styles. Sergio has performed with many of Australia's top Jazz and Latin musicians

    Luciano Gaitan - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
    Luciano is from Uruguay. He has had over 30 years experience playing many different styles of music throughout his career.

    Michael Teterin - Piano, Keyboards
    Michael is a wonderful young keyboard player with vast experience in various styles

    Tony Longo - Lead Vocals
    Tony is an experienced vocalist having performed with many popular bands in his native country, Colombia

    Clarita Derwent - Vocals
    Australian multilingual vocalist. Clarita performs in many groups of diverse backgrounds and styles.

    Raul - Congas, Percussion
    Raul is a new arrival in Sandunga and also Australia. He is from Venezuela where he has performed with many Salsa bands for the last 10 years

    Abigail - Percussion, Vocals, Cuatro
    Great versatile musician from Venezuela adds a particular flavour to the music

    Ednaldo Ignácio - Saxes, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
    Ednaldo is an amazingly talented allround musician who brings into Sandunga his impecable Brazilian musicality

    Jason Morphett - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Flute
    Jason is amongst the very best Jazz and Latin musicians in Australia. He has played with everyone really and his beautiful improvisational skills just adds more fire to this fiery band.

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