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  ::April 2004//Updates::

Sara's message -

Hi everyone,

>=( Since I'm not great with HTML, I'm only able to disable the right-click function and not much else. That's so not cool of some folks (you know who you are) to bypass my no copying rule and place the stories on their own site WITHOUT my permission! I know I don't own the stories myself but it took me forever to code the stories and place them on this website. I don't even know about updating anymore if this keeps happening. =T Visit The Stuff Box and sign up!=D "What I Did For Love" is written exclusively by Val. She did NOT copy anyone and had no help (besides inspiration) in writing the story. Personally, I think it's annoying that people post up her fic without giving her credit. True, it's thoughtful that you're sharing but when it gets to the point where others are claiming credit and you have to prove that you're the author, it gets frustrating. Sorry about this message but it's how I feel. Thanks for all your support! As always, please respect others' works for giving them credit. Thank you!

Val's message -

Hang Hoang, I'll miss you and will love you forever.

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