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for "
Seeing the Whole Together"
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Sun-Optikos 'Zine No. 52
Winter 2009
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Sun-Optikos is a collection of insight and inspiration for "Seeing the Whole Together". Sun-Optikos contains original poetry and artworks from contemporary poets and artists throughout the world, with reprints of classic poems and poets up to the 20th Century.  Sun-Optikos also contains quotes and excerpts from significant contemporary and historical authors and speakers, and offers links and resources for readers to access more works by the featured artists in Sun-Optikos.
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I Am One with the High One
--the Universal Spirit of Interconnectedness
  and its Infinite Being.
Its wisdom shines into my eyes
  and all is seen when I choose to look.
Its reflection is inside of me.
Its reflection is outside of me.
I touch its infinity with each breath.
As a living creature--I Am
  in unity with all creatures.
As an expression of energy--I Am
  in unity with all energy.
In touch with the Infinite Way of Nature,
  I conquer the suggestion
  of a limiting finite expereince.

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