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Ser Zhane's Marrach Page

About This Site

Please feel free to utilize this site as you see fit, I won't post anything here I wouldn't want known publicly to the entirety of castle marrach; however I ask one thing of you. If you use wish to use anything located within my pages IC , drop me an email or a quick page, or something, so I can give you permission. Most of this can be discovered IC, but there are a few things that cannot, so be a doll and just ask before you use anything too incriminating. That said, have fun.

Content List

I have quite a few tidbits placed here, and more will be arrriving shortly. I don't have the site up an running completely yet, so feel free to stop by the Player Info page to get my email and tell me if something isn't working correctly. Almost everything here is sorted into different sub-groups , like art , business, etc, so feel free to poke around, jsust cause i only show one link here doesn't mean that there won't be more links further down the line :) that said,here's your first one.

Zhane's History

a simple recap of Zhane's castle life so far, not too terribly interesting, but useful if you wanted to know about his personal life. It contains links to his newly begun journal, and his guild resources.

Zhane: Pre-Castle

Almost the same as the above, with one key difference, this is Zhane's life before the castle. Really boring since I haven't taken the time to fully dedicate myself to his past.

Zhane's Artistic Influence

Zhane's Art, Poetry , and additions to the castle. Pretty self explanatory really, not too much content here, really rather simplistic, yet visually pelasing if I do say so myself.

Zhane's Duties

Zhane's past , present and future duties, jobs, guilds, etc..etc.. pretty much a place foir me to unload all of hisexcess baggage, seems to fitthe bill for me, how bout you ?

Zhane's Friends

A list of all of Zhane's Friends, his thoughts on them, and (where available) a link to their site.

Player Info

As I'm sure you've noticed, Zhane is a character in castle marrach, and as such, he is forced to have a player, well play him. So I suppose you might want to know about the player.

Name: Kai Lanceaux

That's really aabout it on me, his player. You may remember me from such characters as Yaoi , and Yaoi, oh and I played Yaoi for a short period of time, terribly sorry to have disappointed you all, but you'll have to find my character site for my different characters before you'll ever know who else I've played.

As you know, this is a player/fan site for Castle Marrach , and as such if you woudl like to play, please by all mean sign up for a trial account.