Seshat Sithathor’s Per Entrance


Per of


  I’iwy Em Hotep   

Come in and partake freely of my hospitality.
All are welcome.

I am a physician especially trained in caring for women and in the skills of midwifery. I currently serve as a Physician in my home town of:

I love caring for pregnant and nursing mothers and their children. They are my specialty. If you are in need of my services as a physician or midwife, please leave me a message. Also, feel free to visit my Physician's Office and Midwifery Clinic by clicking on the link below:

I also have the great honor of being
the Editor of Kheru!

Click on the banner above
to go to the current edition of Kheru!

My name appears in hieroglyphics below.
Click on my cartouche to make your own!

Ah, one of my cats has arrived to see who has come to visit!

If you are lucky, perhaps one or more of my sons and daughters of the cat goddess Bast will grace you with their presence while you are here! If you wish, you can see and learn more about my other feline friends in the courtyard and study of my per.

I love my cats and have built
a shrine dedicated to them.
Click on the link below to go to my:

Shrine to Abyssinian Cats.

Click on the link below
to visit the home of my daughter:

Ariel Sithathor

Ah, I see you are fortunate today and will get to see my entire family of cats! ~S~ Sopdet is Bata's mate and these are the latest kittens of their union. Care to adopt one?

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