To get XBConnect(recommended) go here:

Unzip xbc344inst.exe to any folder or drive. Open it up and install XBConnect. This is not going to be easy to figure out. I still haven't completely figured it out. After you create a name, you'll be brought to the channel (I think it's IRC but who knows). Above that will be the list of games. As you can see, this is MUCH more popular than XLink. Okay, you'll want to sort them by ping because you can't join games with people that have FW(firewall)ms ping. Alot of people on there are pros too. You will see on lots of games where it will say it's "locked or full". This could mean two things: your firewall is blocking it or.. it's locked or full. My name on XBC is GoTarO. Please try to figure things out on your own first. Unless it still doesn't work and then you're on your own! Halo seems to be pretty much the only game played, though. So if you want to play another game, bring a friend :).

To see GoTarO's Diablo II rushing guidelines go here:
Rushing Guidelines