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A great Christian message board, mainly aimed an young people. A WONDERFUL non-judgemental Christian message board! Ready to Rise - Another great Christian message board!

67X - Born incomplete and broken, but made complete and whole by Jesus Christ! :) Got Jesus? Here's why you should. A great pre-trib Christian site with some really nice tracts!

CARM.org - A great Christian apologetics site. TONS of info over here! :) 

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eFaces (2.0)

 This is my first professional project. If you like emoticons, this programís for you. Check out the webpage for full details.

 eFaces 2.0 is no longer limited to just smilies! Check out the link above for all the details! 

Star Ferret Deluxe(0.5)

 This is the web page for my first Windows game, Star Ferret Deluxe. It's kind of a cross between Asteroids and Galaga with a few twists. Star Ferret Deluxe is FREEWARE (please see the readme for more details).

Check the updates section for the most recent release and patches!

 Escape from Limbo (1.1)

Also in the downloads section is a game that was written as a group project for my data structures class. Please see the downloads page for more details.

 A simple little app that demos some DirectDraw stuff and some really basic input logic. No docs! Play around with the arrow keys and ESC exits.

 WhatItIs (1.2)

 A tiny app that searches Dictionary.com for you.

Skeduler (

Skeduler is a small, simple, free personal scheduling program. Though it's definitely not the most powerful scheduling program, it's small and it's fast. It works really well for reminding you of things (at least that's what I use it for). Here is the readme.





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Downloads & Updates (1/30/2003) : Updated WhatItIs and added new freeware, Skeduler!






Star Ferret Deluxe Screenshots

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