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Invitation to ISLAM

At least learn about it - Clear your Misgivings

I would like to clear the misconception that the people have about ISLAM and MUSLIMS. First of all, there is no "ISLAMIC TERRORISM" and "FUNDAMENTALISM" in Islam as the western media calls it and has been propagating. There are good and bad people in every nation. Muslims are not allowed to "harm or kill" any fellow human being, even an animal for no reason and there are severe punishments for a person who does it. If somebody does this kind of merciless act and claims to have it done because of Islam, he is wrong and he better check his beliefs and his concept of Islam. These people should not be called MUSLIMS rather non- practicing and misled Muslims.

"ALLAH" is not a Moon or Pagan GOD, as lot of people belief. I don't know why Islam is so exotic and unfamiliar to people here. Allah is the name of God in Arabic and HE is the same one and only GOD, which the Jews, Christians and we Muslims believe in. HE has no SON, or a Daughter or a Wife. He is ALONE and All-powerful and Mighty. As a Muslim, we believe in all the PROPHETS, in all the REVELATIONS ( Torah, Bible ), in all the ANGELS, day of RESURRECTION and RECKONING, HEAVEN and HELL and in that whatever good or bad comes, it comes from GOD. God sent about 1,24,000 prophets in different times, places and nations. Whenever the condition of people worsened one or more prophets were sent. Mohammed is one of the last prophets of this chain.

If you compare Torah, Bible and the Quran, you will find lot of similarities, common laws and punishments, rituals and prayers. We as Muslims, don't believe in the fact that JESUS is the Son of God, rather his truthful prophet as were many. To argue with this fact, we all know that ADAM was the first of the mankind. Please think how was he created, he never had a father or a mother. It was God who created him. Was ADAM God himself as he never had a father nor a mother? No. If God can create Adam without parents, cannot he create JESUS without a father to show how powerful he is ?. Do think about it. Also, Jesus came as a prophet amongst the people of Israel, which were already following the teachings of Moses and the others that followed him. Why was another prophet needed then and why did a majority of the people started following Jesus?. It is because, whenever a new prophet comes, his teachings are more up-to-date and conforming to the need of that time and the old teachings of his predecessors is always abandoned. So in the same sense, why don't people study Islam as Mohammed (the last of the prophets) came after Jesus with the same message which Jesus, Moses and the other great prophets brought.

There is no more MESSIAH coming, if you are still waiting for him. JESUS will return at the end of time (which is near). But do you know he will be calling himself a Christian or a Jew?, Rather, a MUSLIM. | 217.358.2549

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