Strike Fighters Project 1 Missions

The missions located here were mostly designed for SFP1.  If you have WOV only, you are out of luck.  The terrains here are based on the file that comes with SFP1.  If you have SFP1 and WOV then you can just copy the new terrains into WOV and the over from SFP1.

Kreelins Mission Editor can be downloaded here.

Mission building tutorials by Streakeagle using Kreelins editor  TUTORIAL ONE   TUTORIAL TWO

Links to various threads from SimHQ about the Mission Editor.
Link 1   Link 2   Link 3    Link 4 <------- NEWEST

Conversion CV59 USS Forrestal to a post SP3 landable carrier

     At Check6, I believe it to be "dapits",  has changed the cv59_data.ini to make it able to land on.  That is the USS Forrestal by Big Beer from the TF58 download available at AVSIM.  You can get the carrier there in that pack and put it in your Objects folder as per normal install procedure.
     Place this data in the cv59_data.ini instead of what is in there.  You will also have to make the changes listed in the readme in the TF58 pack to the groundobjectdata.ini to get the carrier to show.
Check6 thread

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Libya flag Libya


Stock Desert Terrain
B 29 Escort                     MAP - DESERT                        TYPE - Escort                  AUTHOR - JSF-Aggie
Take off as lead of a flight of eight F-86Fs, from D3 Airfield, and escort a flight of eight, B-29s through their strike of the P6 Airfield.
Mission File

F4B Phantom vs F6 Hunter      MAP - DESERT              TYPE - KNIFEFIGHT               AUTHOR - KEITH BEDFORD
This developed out of a SimHQ thread.  Its a 1 v 1 to see who comes out on top.
Mission File

Alaska Flag    DBS Terrain is available at Major Lees Aerodrome
DBS Mission Pack                       MAP - DBS                   TYPE - VARIOUS            AUTHOR - JSF Aggie
There has been a release of a DBS Mission pack.  It can be found at Major Lees under Terrains, Danger Bering Straits at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on the Mission link will open a txt file for you to copy to notepad.  Then click "Save As" and save it whatever you want to call it.  Just make sure that it is "yournamefile.MSN" and save it to your mission folder.

Instructions pic

If the mission is Zipped then all you have to do is move the .MSN file over to your folder.

Missions can be submitted to  It is requested that the mission creator include a JPG map image along with a brief description of the mission  to be flown.  Please also forward any comments, ideas to the same address.

We accept no liability for any damage to your system or game or anything associated with loading and installing these missions.  You do so at your own risk.  Enjoy :)

UPDATED 02 May 2005