Election 97

9th Aug 1995

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening to all of you. Today I would like to talk on Confucianism, especially regarding the 4 lines phrase namely, cultivate self, regulate family, purify the country and bring peace to the whole world. Self, family and country individually can be divided into 3 parts. For self they are mind, tongue and body. For family they are father, mother and sons. Also for country, they are king/president, government and citizens. These are the 3 trinities and they function about the same.

The leaders of the 3 are mind, father and king/president. If these leaders are 100% perfect, the other 2 components will be 100% perfect. If these leaders are 50% perfect, the other 2 components will be 50% perfect. Likewise if the leaders are 0% perfect, the 2 components will be 0% perfect. This is the law of these trinities.

Let me talk about the self first. Our mind is the head of our body. If our mind is 70% pure, our talking shall be 70% good and our body will be 70% healthy. When we commit sins and eat blood this 70% purity will drop, so our speech will become more vulgar, abusive, cunning and our health will get worse. On the other hand, if we do good, cultivate self, perform charity, our moral purity will increase, similarly our speech and health.

Taking meat will decrease our moral purity, even though we do not commit any sins. Taking vegetarian food will stop the decline, but if we commit sins our moral purity will also decline. The only solution to increase the moral purity is to cultivate self, perform charity, meditate etc and eat vegetarian food.

You might argue why we cannot take meat. If you want to eat meat, first remove 100% of the blood from the meat, then you can eat it. Blood is a poison to us if it does not belong to us, because blood is a form of life. When we eat chicken meat, it is like eating the life of a chick

We can drain up to about 90% of blood in a chick. The balance is in the bones, liver, meat etc. When chicken rice seller chops the boiled chick, you can still see the red blood in the cut bones. Let say one plate of chicken rice contains about 1% of balance chicken blood, so after eating 100 plates, you have consumed the whole lot of blood of a chick.

Many illnesses are the cause of eating meat, examples cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure etc. These illnesses are not prevalent in a poor country but mostly in affluent countries, rich people and those relying on food mainly from hunting. I tell you for your own good, eat vegetarian food. I can not force you to eat, but there are places where taking vegetarian food can be compulsory, like prison, drug rehabilitation center and hospital etc. People who go to prison or drug rehab center are at certain levels of moral purity according to their crimes - murderer at a lower level than a thief - except vandalism, taking chewing-gum etc. (Taking, importing chewing-gum is a crime in Singapore's law)

When the prisoners eat vegetarian food their moral purity will not deteriorate any further, and to help them to increase their moral purity, the prison authority has to conduct meditation classes, religions study and hymn/sutra chanting etc. This is the way to reform criminals into saints or Buddha. When they are released from prison, the chances of them committing crime again is very slim. So our society will become more peaceful.

Death sentence is not a solution to crime. Statistic of prisoners under death row can show, because more and more people are going to die from the gallows. Just now, I mentioned about vegetarian food and religious activities. These are the only ways to solve crime.

Now let me talk about the second trinity, the family. The father as the head of the family will bring good or ruin to his family by the moral purity he has. The mother as the middle component cannot influence much, unless she meditate (my method).

First in a family unit, there must be a father, a mother and at least a son. A father without a son has his roots being cut off. This shows his low moral purity. At times we cannot know the moral purity of a man, but from his family, we can have a clear picture of his moral purity.

A man who divorces his wife has a low moral purity. Let me elaborate on this. A man M1 has a wife W1 and a son S1. He divorces his wife W1 and marries another wife W2, who gives birth to a son S2. Ex-wife W1 remarries a man M2 and produces a son M2S1. From these 2 families, we have a man with a wife who is not the mother of his first son and a man with a wife who is the mother of his son also the mother of another man's son. There is no more unique family unit. I call this animal unit. Let me show you a second example. A man has 10 wives and 10 sons. Another man marries and divorces 10 wives 10 times, who remarry other men. The first man still maintains his family unit, whereas the second man behaves more like an animal, marry/divorce 10 times.

A family man has to reflect upon himself when he has no son, when his son is mentally retarded or critically injured, when his son dies or in serious illness etc. These are signs to show him, he is not a good man. He should take vegetarian food, meditate etc.

A good man has to be responsible for any pregnancy. He is answerable to God should he asks his woman to abort the baby. This is killing. A country law might not be able to deal with him, but God will punish him, example not giving him any more son etc. A woman who undergoes abortion is committing a great sin. Her punishment will be sickness in her private part in later life.

A family man who has low moral purity, commits crime and imprisoned will not help his family in the present prison management. With vegetarian food and religious activities, by bringing his moral purity higher, his family will become better. A murderer will have a son of his low moral purity. Present law is death sentence. That means his son might be a potential criminal due to the father's low moral purity. If the law is changed and the murderer takes vegetarian food and does religious activities in prison, he will bring his higher moral purity to his son as well. So we will not have any more potential criminals in future.

Country laws have to be compassionate. Laws like death sentence, caning, imprisonment without trial etc are very harsh. Police should not slap, hit, torture the suspect during interrogation. Harsh laws, brutal treatment are going to breed harsh citizens. The nick name 'ugly Singaporean' is a good example of the result of these harshness.

Prison warden should not use physical force and instruments to punish prisoners at fault. Slapping and beating are commonly used by wardens. Regimental intimidation is another form of power abuse. Most prisoners will comply the rules and regulation, but this will make them more harsher at heart, because no one dare to complain especially no witness dare to come forward to testify.

Now let me talk about the next trinity, the country. The king/president is the head of the country. As I have talked about family, the head is a man. So likewise, the head of a country has to be a man. A woman leading a country can only bring disaster. One very good example is England. Since 1952 Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne until now. You can see for yourself what good she has brought to her family and country. Her family is divided and indulges in adultery. British empire was once great, but now shrinks to a small country.

Another example is Sri Lanka. The president is a woman elected by the people. The present presidential system might be changed to a parliamentary one. President Chandrika Kumaratunga indicated she will become the executive prime minister and the president post going to her mother, who was a former executive PM herself.

From record, the mother had brought disaster to Sri Lanka. Likewise, the present president Chandrika will do no good for her country, unless she can appoint a man who has high moral purity and a vegetarian to be the next president. Sri Lanka has to suffer under the present political system and situation.

Women who have been in power in politic have negative effects on their families. Thatchar of England has a son who was reported to be involved in illegal dealings. Indira Gandhi of India had 2 sons died fatally. Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka has a son-in-law died fatally. Aquino of Philippines has a daughter who became an unwed mother. So you women, don't be power hungry. By doing so you are going to destroy your families, especially your sons and daughters.

A high moral purity man has to be a family man. If he is single or a monk like Dalai Lama, he too will bring disaster to the country. Tibet was once ruled by Dalai Lamas. As a head of a country, one is responsible for the sins of oneself and the countrymen. One practice done by Tibetans, as mentioned in the book 'The Third Eye', is to do an ice water bath for newly-born. Those who fail the test are killed. This is killing and the sins have to be shouldered by Dalai Lama. In this manner the moral purity of Dalai Lama will decline and the country has to suffer. (This is only one example)

At this present moment the Dalai Lama is not the head of Tibet, so the killing of newly-born (& others) will fall on the shoulder of Jiang Zemin, since he is the president of China. The present Dalai Lama has to be grateful rather than seeking a political issue for Tibet.

One example I would like to mention is Gautama Buddha. When his relatives were slaughtered by the neighboring country, he was unable to save them. Therefore a monk can only save himself and no others.

To bring peace and prosperity to a country, a king/president must have high moral purity. If a king/president has only 50% purity, the government will be only 50% efficient and the citizen 50% good. To be of high moral purity, a king/president has to be inactive, non executive, appointed by parliament. Countries with this system are England, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, Germany etc.

One reason why the Arab Muslims are unable to defeat Israel is because Israel has an appointed president, whereas the Arab countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi, Syria, Iraq, PLO etc have active kings/presidents. Another good example is West Germany taking over the East Germany without a fight. So for North or South Korea to win over their opponent without a fight is to appoint a president with high moral purity. So there is no need for the US army to station in South Korea.

Actually USA cannot win over Japan in world war 2. It is because of the A bomb and the cruel killing, tortures of so many innocent people by the Japanese army. The crime has to be paid and not fully. So you can now see Japanese going crazy to poison their own people. If the Japanese emperor is not going to apologize to Asia Pacific about the war crimes, Japan has to suffer for what their forefathers did.

The moral purity of the former emperor had been passed on to the present one, and one bad sign showing in the emperor's family, is that the crown princes are not getting any son. If Nature is not going to give them any son, that means Japan is going to have a change of dynasty. This is bad, because the end of a dynasty may mean a lot of disaster example Kobe earth quake etc.

To turn around the situation, the emperor has to take vegetarian food, cultivate self and meditate. Next he has to say sorry to the world about world war 2 crime. I can only advice. Whether Japan is going to take my advice is up to them. Their lives are in their hands.

Moral purity of politician is about 50 - 60%. So politicians should not become presidents of their countries. For countries with active kings/presidents, the condition of the countries are not good. For example USA, economy cannot win Germany or Japan, people are getting violent, abusive, slanting (truth) speeches etc. What the president is, the country is to be like him. An adultery president like Kennedy had brought sex revolution to USA in the 60's. A divorce/remarry president like Reagan had broken up many American families. And right now from what I have read in the medias, Clinton has no son. If this is true, it is a very bad omen for America. Nature has cut off his roots, unless he tries and begets a son. Natural disasters will occur and people are getting crazy and killing each other, especially the children.

If the Americans want to elect their president in this present system, it is their choice and they have to suffer the consequences. My advice is to change the presidential system to a parliamentary system, with an appointed president who must be of high moral purity.

Countries that are similar to American system are France, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia etc. For the sake of peace and prosperity, these countries have to change their political systems.

An elected executive president has less time to cultivate self. During election period, he will outwit, personal attack and belittle his opponents. These are not the traits of a pure moral man. All existing country laws are to be shouldered by him. Laws like death sentence, legal abortion, legal gambling etc will put a toll on him and his family. He and his family will suffer for the number of prisoners hanged, the number of abortions performed etc during his term of office. Let say his moral purity is 60% at the beginning, at the end of his term, it might have dropped to about 45%. So the country has to suffer because of the low moral purity.

On the other hand, an appointed president has more time for self cultivation. He can be a fulltime vegetarian and meditates daily. By doing these he will bring up his moral purity. This will compensate any negative country laws prevalent during his presidency. So his moral purity will not fall and the country still prosper. If the president does not self cultivate and be a vegetarian, also his term of office is for life, then he will end up like Queen Elizabeth II. His family will break up showing sign of bad omen.

If the appointed president is an ex politician, the country will also suffer because of his below average moral purity. Even if he take vegetarian food and meditate daily, he cannot bring up his moral purity unless all negative country laws are abolished. He was a party to all negative laws, so he is subjected to these laws when he becomes president.

Vegetarian food plays an important part of a country's prosperity. Countries that promote vegetarian food will grow in abundant. China and India are 2 great examples. Their religions promote and encourage vegetarian food. Countries that take food mainly from hunting and animal husbandry will grow little in number. Even in the animal world, the vegetarians are in great numbers than the animals of prey.

India and Pakistan have about the same political system, but the Indians are superior to the Pakistanis in terms of vegetarian food. In war, Pakistan will be on the losing side. 2 Pakistan had reduced to 1. So for prosperity the Pakistanis have to promote vegetarian food.

Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka are mainly Buddhist countries, but do not encourage vegetarian food. So these countries will have many problems. Most male Thais have to be monks for a period of time in their life time, but why Thailand has so many prostitutes? In Sri Lanka the Sinhaleses are not winning the fight against the Tamil Tigers either. If the Thai king is to be a vegetarian and meditate daily, not stand up when any monk is paying respect, he can solve most of Thailand's problems.

I am a Chinese so I would like to put some words for the People's Republic of China. For the sake of over 1 billion Chinese, the Chinese government has to appoint a new president with high moral purity. In short notice, it is impossible to find one, but I am willing to offer my service, if the Chinese government is willing to accept me temporary till another pure simple man is found. The present president Jiang Zemin and his family have to suffer for the killing of death row prisoners, abortions, killing of new-born baby girls by parents due to the one child policy etc.

At the same time, Nature will show its anger by flooding, drought, earthquake, epidemic etc. And the people will become more harsh, committing more murders, cheating, prostitution and others etc. The harsher the country laws, the harsher the people will be. Death sentence cannot solve crime. It is a sin to kill (man or animal).

The magnitude of killing death row prisoners in China is so great as compared to Singapore. Just imagine Jiang Zemin has to shoulder about 10,000 (my estimate) killing yearly, while Ong Teng Cheong has to shoulder about 200 (my estimate) killing in Singapore. If China does not heed my advice, one day China will break up like Russia today. When the KGB director became the chief of Russia, it was a sign of the end of USSR. KGB men, CIA men, IS men, butchers, fishermen etc have low moral purity.

China has to abolish death sentence, legal abortion, one child policy etc and implements compulsory vegetarian food for prisoners in order to reduce the amount of natural disasters that are hurting the country. The appointment of a high moral purity president will bring more peace and prosperity, also a happy re-union with Taiwan. Otherwise there will be troubles ahead for China to face.

Now let me talk about Singapore. Ong Teng Cheong is the 2nd politician to become president of Singapore. The first is Devan Nair. After Devan Nair became president in 1981, people complained about bad times in 1984 election, but the PAP brushed them off. Still PAP admitted the recession in 1985. That was Singapore's 1st bad recession since independent. As I have said earlier, politicians have below average moral purity, so you Singaporean, better get ready for the 2nd major recession. Already people have complained of bad business. The majority of you voted for Ong Teng Cheong, so you are the ones asking for it, because it is difficult for Ong Teng Cheong to step down now. If the next government does not abolish the elected president law, you still have many bad years ahead, because only ex ministers and heads of big corporations etc are qualified to stand for presidential election.

To prove what I say is correct, let Lee Kuan Yew be president for 5 years, then let me be president for the next 5 years. You can see for yourself what Singapore will be in these 10 years, whether Singapore will prosper during Lee Kuan Yew's presidency or mine.

My other reason to make Lee Kuan Yew president is for him and his family to suffer the punishment of Nature due to his arrogance in bringing harsh laws to Singapore. He always thinks he is right and the best, PAP the only choice for Singapore. But he never think why Nature gives him one albino grandson. When Howe Yuen Chong was minister for health, he said that he was unable to do anything about the abortion law. Why? Is Lee Kuan Yew sitting on this law that no minister dares to change it? Is the albino grandson a reward for him?

Since Ong Teng Cheong's moral purity is low, many Singaporeans will become crazy, committing more crimes, taking to drugs etc. Illnesses will double or triple and more retarded babies are being borne. The number of death row prisoners hanged and the number of abortion performed etc will further reduce Ong Teng Cheong's moral purity.

Devan Nair became a drunkard and out of his ways. I don't know what will Ong Teng Cheong's behavior will be like in the future. I hope it is not worse than Devan Nair or Teng Xiao Ping. If Lee Kuan Yew becomes the president of Singapore, his personal accomplishment will be worse than Devan Nair and Ong Teng Cheong, because the sign of rot has already been shown in his family.

My article 'The Sins of PAP Government' has been in circulation since 1984. I even posted the article to all PAP branches in 1984. And J. B. Jeyaratnam got the cheek to tell me not to engage him as defence lawyer if Lee Kuan Yew wanted to sue me about the article. The article is not meant only for Singapore, it is for the whole world. All heads of countries and governments responsible for the harsh laws have to suffer the consequences.

One of the topic in the article is to close down the defence ministry. You can refer to Shin Min Daily's report of my press conference in 1984. To me, the defence ministry is a ghost ministry. Those working in the ministry - army, air force and navy etc - will be a crazy lot, because many are going crazy, they will become hardcore criminals.

Those in private service who still use titles like BG, Colonel, Major etc will not fare any better either. Whoever is going to be minister for defence is going to have a hard time. He can be transformed from a timid person into a monster.

Now the world armies are crazy and trigger happy. What you read and hear news of fighting around the world shows this craziness. If the governments cannot control the armies, the fighting all over the world will still continue.

I come out to talk to you is not to tell you to vote for me. Whether you vote for or against me I am not interested. This also means I am not interested to be an MP. I am only interested to be the president of Singapore. Whether I become president when invited depends on my wife's yes or no. I leave the choice to her.

My main duty is to inform the world the right path to world peace. So far I have already done 4 disclosures and this should be my last. The first is my article 'The Sins of PAP government', the 2nd is my meditation manual, the 3rd is my article 'To Achieve World Peace' and 4th, my handiwork at Blk 257 Yishun Ring Road on the 9th May 1994.

1st cultivate, 2nd regulate family, 3rd purify the country and 4th bring peace to the whole world. I will not talk about my articles except on certain important points. To achieve world peace, the UN HQ has to shift to Singapore. Only one man can achieve cultivate self, regulate family, purify country and bring world peace. Whether I am this man, you can see for yourself in the future. Since I am here, I would like the UN HQ to be in Singapore or else there will be no world peace, only quarrelling and fighting.

The other point I would like to raise is how to cure aids. Aids is an illness mainly from mental sickness except for certain cases. Homosexual is a form of mental disorder, so only meditation can cure. I think only my type of meditation can cure aids. It is simple but hard to do, only nasal gaze and tongue lock at the same time in any meditation positions. Nasal gaze is both eyes looking at the tip of own nose. Tongue lock is tongue rolled up, tip touching the palate. For beginners, place the palms together and put the index fingers close to the nose tip for guidance.

Nasal gaze is to trigger the pituitary gland behind the 2 eyes while tongue lock is to circulate the internal 'chi' in the body from the testicles upwards. The saliva flowing during meditation has to be swallowed, because this saliva is our own medicine. You don't have to spend any money, only your own effort and time. For faster cure take vegetarian food.

You can feel the working of tongue lock better than nasal gaze. You men, you can practice tongue lock during sex with your wife. I can guarantee you, your wife will not commit adultery, if you follow my advice and you still have strength for 2nd or 3rd wife. My only worry is for those who are circumcised. If the private part is further elongated, it might tear the skin, because circumcised men have no more foreskin.

Next I would like to say some words about Israel. From the time of exodus from Egypt, you Jews are condemned by God. God made Jews suffer 40 years in the wilderness before they can enter the promised land. From the Old Testament, Jews are stubborn, disobedient, rebellious and have no faith in God in time of abundance. God promised Abraham, Jacob, Joseph etc that their descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the night sky and the sand grains on the seashore, but up to today the Jews are still small in numbers. Why? For these rebellious people God gave harsh laws and cruel form of worship through Moses. From the record of Genesis, God forbids people to take blood. People still take meat because they think after draining the blood, the meat can be eaten.

Killing of animals, birds, fishes etc is still killing whether for eating or worship. The number of animals, birds killed for worship (as recorded in the Bible) is too much and deplorable (disgusting). So the number of future Jews are also cut off. The more killing the Jews did, the smaller their numbers.

Already God let the temple destroyed twice and Jews are exiled to foreign lands. If the Jews still think they are the only children of God, they must be mistaken. From the New Testament, Mathew, Mark and Luke referred to the sign of the 2nd coming of Christ, the people of Judea have to go up to the hilltops and rooftops. What does this means? It can only mean flood. If God is going to flood Israel and punish Jews, can they still say they are the only children of God. This time the punishment might not be only flood alone, but also the obliteration of Jerusalem. If there is no more Jerusalem, then the Jews, Muslims, Christians etc can at last live in peace in the middle-east.

This last portion, I would like to talk about myself and influence. If I am the One who is able to cultivate self, regulate family, purify country and bring world peace, because I am here, so Singapore is the New Holy Land - the Patmos island where the revelation of Jesus Christ occurs.

I am a Chinese, so I am able to influence the 1 billion plus Chinese worldwide. Any anti-Chinese motives by any country or race will be destroyed. My words are commands, the Chinese (and the world) have to obey or be punished by Nature.

The Indian woman who owes me money and the Sikh judge who sentenced me to jail have to crawl to me and say sorry, or else the 1 billion Indians worldwide have to suffer for them, especially the Indian Muslims and Sikhs.

From the beginning in 1981, what I have done and what remarks or actions people said and did to anger me, these people have to say sorry to me. For example the editor of Kuai Pao in 1981, the immigration officer in Robinson Road 1981, IO of Clementi police Station 1993, the officer at Attorney General Chamber responsible for my case, Oct 5th 1994, the magistrate who put me to Woodbridge 1982, J B Jeyaratnam 1984, the Filipina who has my 26,000 pesos investment money - the Philippine has to suffer because of her etc.

I also wrote letter to CID 1983, cc to all police stations and disturbed Shao Lin Pugilistic Federation in Shuang Lin Temple. If the termite eaten temple is the result of my disturbing, you can imagine the conditions of people who angered me. (J B Jeyaratnam had many misfortune after 1984 case) I tell you this not to frighten you but to tell you I might be the One who is going to bring peace to the whole world.

I influence Singapore, Singapore influences ASEAN with the exception of Philippines which has to settle my 26,000 pesos investment money. So, if UN HQ is here, world peace will be imminent. The choice is yours (Singaporeans as well as the whole world).

I have done my job for God. So it is now up to the mass media to do their part. Whether they are going to publish my speech or not, or censor 99% and publish what they consider 1% silly comments by me, it is up to them. Because now they have to answer for whatever suffering and killing taking place around the world. You just look at the comments of the Straits Times about my vandalism case, so you should know that our mass media is totally censored by the government. It could be the mass media fears the PAP. Once I step down from this platform, I will forget what I have done. So if you are going to interview me, I will not answer any of your questions.

Edited on 10th June 2008

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