KNow aLL aBout me

This is some brief personal information about me which trace back from me as a baby to the current me. It maybe some things u all already know or maybe din ever realize.. Please click gallery to view a closer look at the pictures shown below.. Hope u all enjoy reading this... Enjoy!!!

Basic Information

Name : Cindy Ng Minli

Birthplace: KK Hospital

Birth date: 13 April 1982

Horoscope : Aries


baby.jpg (28400 bytes) Me when i was a baby 


Family: Parents, 1 elder sis and 2 younger sis

Residence: Old airport road until 3 yrs old. Hougang until now

infont_tv.jpg (26771 bytes)
Me posing in front of TV


Pri Sch:   CHIJ  Ponggol        (1989 to 1994)

Sec Sch: CHIJ St. Joseph's      Convent  (1995 to 1998)

Tertiary: Singapore Polytechnic (1999 to 2002)

Current :Undergraduate (NTU) (2003 to present)

tv_wendy.jpg (27962 bytes) My sister and I 

How others see me as

Hardworking, mature, friendly, humble, independent, leader, outgoing, easy-going, individualist, big sis, caring, helpful, responsible

first_crawl.jpg (24012 bytes)
Crawling arnd the house

How i see myself

Ambitious, Perfectionist, Stubborn, Strong-willed, Independent, Outgoing, Tolerant, Determined, Perseverance, Patient, Aggressive, Independent, Value friendship, Will go all the way to help those in trouble

    zoo.jpg (31287 bytes)      My visit  to e zoo


Outdoor activities like canoeing and cycling, jogging, watching soccer, designing cards, fixing jig-saw puzzles, photo-taking, explore new IT stuff, 

big_eye.jpg (21258 bytes) Engrossed with e camera


Colours: Blue and Black
Club: Manchester United
Station: wkRZ 91.3
Subjects: Maths or calculation modules

pap.jpg (29229 bytes)
My 3rd Sis and I


English-related modules, smokers, noise, drunk, back-stabbers, hyprocrites, irresponsible pple.  waking up early in morning, egg yolk, oysters or clams

pri1.jpg (30647 bytes)
 Pri 2 in uniform

Memorable Events

I think as we grow older, they are friends that walk in and out of our life. But how many are true friends is another question. I am very glad that i know alot o gd friends i can rely and enjoy with. The events that i will remember are e loyang bungalow in sec 2, 

youth hostel at sentosa in sec4, class bbq at east coast and west coast in poly, class chalet at downtown east, FYP at Tech center and lastly e 7 wonders at SIA. And also NTU sports camp - SUX

Those were e days that have vivid memories in my heart.