PaSt and UPcoming eVenTs

These were the events and occasion that took place. It consists of birthdays of my fren and mine and also gathering with my poly classmates and colleagues.  Besides that, there are also my FYP exhibition and graduation at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Click the "Year" at which the event occurred to view the pictures... 


  • Innovex 2002

  • Graduation 2002

  • Class Chalet

  • Ting Chalet

  • My 21st bdae

  • Birthdays (Jesslyn, Eunice, Kathy, Meiling, Eslynn)

  • Bangkok Trip

  • Farewell Dinner

  • Dinner at Cafe Cartel

  • Eslynn's Farewell

  • Birthday (Jin Jieh)

  • CNY Visiting

  • 4D gathering

  • Escape Expedition

  • Pulau Ubin

  • Lindy's Farwell

  • Huiyi's Gathering

  • Chinese Garden