Amane's Doubts in ASR

New laws in magnetism as well as electromagnetism

Doubt 4: Is there another magnet further than Half Magnet?

For a piece of magnet, no matter how the magnet is cut the primary magnetic property of the cut magnet or the remnant one remains the same, regardless what the shape is. Lets consider the magnetic field behavior of a magnet is in two-dimensional as shown below. If we want a magnet with only 'one side' of magnetic field, like we cut the pictorial of a magnet with magnetic field loops along the red dotted line shown below to get one side of magnetic field loop, is this possible for a real magnet? No, right? But we are able to show this out by... 








A CC fluid core toroidal coil is a Half Magnet, how about a straight CC wire? Actually we know that the magnetic field behavior of a straight CC wire shows the answer we want above; 'a magnet with only one side magnetic loop (two-dimensional)'. If another level of toroidal coil made out of a toroidal coil, what will this second level of CC fuild toroidal coil considered as? Quarter magnet?











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