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Quake 3 Arena

Summary Of The Different Types of Weapons/Armor in a game...


1) Gauntlet: The Gauntlet combines a whirling saw blade with a powerful electrical charge to create a deadly close-combat weapon. Unlike the other weapons, the gauntlet needs no ammunition, thus it can be used every time.

2) Machine Gun: Although not particularly powerful, this weapon has a high rate of fire and can be used to blanket and area with a suppressing shower of bullets.

3) Shot Gun: One of the most common found weapons throughout the arenas, this Shot Gun delivers an instantly impacting hail of heavy pellets. Reloading causes a short delay between shots.

4) Plasma Gun: This powerful energy weapon unleashes a deadly stream of plasma pulses that quickly uses up its energy supply.

5) Grenade Launcher: The time-fused grenades fired by this weapon are incredibly powerful and have a wide blast radius.

6) Rocket Launcher: The rockets fired by this heavy weapon have a huge blast radius, enabling them to harm several targets at once. However care must be taken when using this weapon, as it is easy to include yourself in the explosion.

7) Lightning Gun: The most uncommonly found weapon in the arena, the Lightning Gun lets off a deadly stroke of electricity at its target. Despite its short range, the Lightning Gun looks cool when used.

8) Rail Gun: This highly accurate weapon uses a linear accelerator to throw a depleted uranium slug ( something like a projectile ) at an incredible rate of speed. The gun's accelerator must be recharged between shots, causing a delay before it can be used again.

9) BFG - 10K: An evolution of the plasma gun, the BFG - 10K is the dream weapon of every player in the arena. It hurts devastatingly powerful burst of fusing plasma to mow down enemies.


1) Armour Shard: These fragments improve your armour rating by 5 points, increasing it above the maximum of 100 points.

2) Combat Armour: Wearing a Yellow combat armour vest improves ones armour rating by 50 points.

3) Heavy Armour: A suit of Red heavy armour increases ones rating by 100 points.