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Starcraft / Broodwars

Interface and Layout : In the tradition of every other strategy game, most of the action will be controlled with the point-and-click of a mouse, with keyboard shortcut keys speeding up the process. As you can see from the screenshots , the playfield now dominates most of the screen, leaving a small section at the bottom for the unit and structure status and menus.

Units : The units of Starcraft are now more involved in the game as individuals. All units have the ability to pickup and carry an item in its inventory. Their profiles are shown at the bottom of the screen, together with a wireframe to show where it has been damaged, which impairs a unit's combat performance. Some units also have a multiple weapons system, such as the Terran Goliath.

Resources and Terrain : Unlike the mines of Warcraft II, the ones in Starcraft provide unlimited resources, although their speed of output decreases the more you extract from them. Spread throughout the Starcraft terrain are wreckage ( which Terrans can take advantage of ), minerals, and special power-up items. The game is the first to introduce a 3-D feel to the landscape with high grounds and depressions, providing for some very interesting strategies. Furthermore, there are several types of 'weathers' available, which interact with the game play.

System Requirements : ~Pentium 60 Mhz Processor
                                               ~8Mb RAM (16Mb for multiplayer)
                                               ~Windows 95
                                               ~SVGA video card
                                               ~Microsoft compatible mouse
                                               ~Double-speed CD-ROM
                                               ~14.4+ bps modem for multiplayer

The new version for broodwars is out already...that is version 1.08.  For those who have not downloaded the new version for Broodwars, I think it is good that u all go and download it from B.Net.
Notes on the updated version ( v1.08b )  Click Here

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