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Starcraft / Broodwars

CHEAT CODES :  ~Power Overwhelming - Invincibility
                                    ~Operation CWAL - Faster Building
                                    ~Show Me The Money - +10,000 Vespene Gas/Minerals
                                    ~Staying Alive - Stay Around After Winning
                                    ~The Gathering - Unlimited Mana
                                    ~Noglues - Disable Computer's Magic Powers
                                    ~Game Over Man - Lose The Game Immediately
                                    ~Whats Mine is Mine - +500 Minerals
                                    ~Breathe Deep - +500 Vespene Gas
                                    ~Something For Nothing - Gives All Upgrades
                                    ~There Is No Cow Level - Ends the Current Mission as a Victory
                                    ~Black Sheep Wall - See the Entire Map
                                    ~Medieval Man - Gives Free Upgrades to Units
                                    ~Modify the Phase Variance - Ability to Build All Buildings
                                    ~War Aint What It Used To Be - Disables Fog Of War
                                    ~Food For Thought - Able to Build More Units than the Support Limit
                                    ~Ophelia - Skip Level

To use the codes: 1)Hit enter 2)type code 3)Hit enter again

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