Welcome minna to << Project @ >>!

Just decided to do this due to the excessive, ever-growing need
to dump my works somewhere in a dusty little corner of the net!
V^^V So why << Project @ >>? Ok, so I know I'm not good at giving
names but this is an anime-based page after all so why not it be
an "anime project"? Yah, the "@" is there just because I think
it looks better than "A" or "Anime". *sees major sweatdrops*

For now, it's just gonna be fanfics and cosplay pictures up
here. These are two loves of mine that have sprung from my anime-
manga obsession! Admittedly, I neither write super fanfics nor
make gorgeous costumes but I shall work towards that. I'll also
put up related works on this site and hopefully, open more areas
in the future.

Comments, criticisms, rants, whatever, just send them to me. I
don't mind constructive flames n won't send assasins after you.

Lastly...kudos to my sis for helping me!
~Kanamiya Akira~

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