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m4t4h4r| a k a fallinstar a k a  CaffeineDrops. 24. $2,110,048.00.medical doctor.

graduated fr Udayana Univ Med-School in Nov08,2003.
on going the OG residency program in Med-School Hasanuddin Univ. Makassar. originally fr Denpasar Bali.

truly Balinese.

 happiness: gusde.dad.mum.rangga.debbie

likes: lots of things
music, movies, my dogs: tengger, ringo, lexi, jojo, bomber,
expression, creative writings, abstract art,
laughter, bubble baths, smoothie-bubble, absurdity,
my dvd collections, mail, hbo, cinemax, axn,
rains, clouds, flowing water with fishes in it,
blogging, writing, reading, love, peace
blue ocean, rice fields, mountains.

dislikes: also lots of things
sickness, drought, sorrow, crankiness, stress, mold, oblivion,
war, fights, calories, tests, egocentricity, ignorance, idiocy, 
phony people, fake laughter, pain, proselytizing.