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You have a personal legend to fulfill, period. It is of no matter if others support you, or criticize, ignore or tolerate you you are doing that because that is your destiny on this earth, and the source of any joy
-  Paulo Coelho

真实 - Something innate/inborn or deeply implanted into your whole bodily senses that you feel strong emotions for and will never change no matter regardless of any unforeseeable circumstances,

The choice: So what is it about here, that does not exist elsewhere? What happens 10-20 years down the road? Darkness & Light co-exists, Take the good and the bad. You can't have one without the other. Yet we only live once. We are only young once and the chance to take risk lies in when you do not have commitments. It's not worth to live as though you are approaching retirement now.... in short:

  •  You can rest but you can't run away.
  • No victories last forever. There are always new battles to be fought, new problems to tackle, new dilemma to resolve, new regrets to  overcome.

  • Get busy living or get busy dying. 

  • Don't confuse the limits the world place on you, with your own limits.


You can do better -
Find something you want to excel in. Everyday, do something that will move you in that direction. Monitor your progress. Track what works best. Critic, experiment, improve.

Currently Reading:
Lily bard series & Aurora Teagarden series
by Charlaine Harris 

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魔法使的條件 太陽與風的斜坡道

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyers (cun wait for Midnight Sun, Edward's version of Twilight. Btw, Edward Cullen still awfully cute, I find myself ogling @ Caucasians with strong biceps in the school or at the pool err.. :p )
Sookie Stackhouse series
Up to From Dead to Worse) & Harper Connelly series
(Up to An Ice cold grave) by Charlaine Harris

Listening to: Bella's Lullaby (by Carter Burwell) and River Flows in You (by Yiruma)

Likes: よしづきくみち (Kumichi Yoshizuki)'s art

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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
Just ended at 25 episodes: ToraDora
Gundam 00 Season 2
SCV: Haunting IV,
Jon & Kate plus 8

New Year Resolutions

  • NO MORE ch55 serial end Primetime TV

  • NO MORE NEW MANGA to chase (except Nodame & Skip Beat)

  • NO MORE NEW ANIME to chase (except Gundam 00 & Kuroshitsuji & Natsume Yuujinchou)

  • NO MORE excessive SCV DISCOVERY, NGC, HISTORY, DISCOVERY HOME & HEALTH (except Jon&Kate on sun)

You know you are very fortunate when you get to eat such sumptuous breakfast before going to wk/sch on a weekday. I love my mum!!!

Setting Sun in Bagan
Myanmar... Despite the polluted air, there are gorgeous trees and wonderful Sunsets...


Cooking Adventures: Taco Delight!

30 Mar 09        owarimasu

A number of anime I've been chasing has just simultaneously ended and I'm feeling despair now. I didn't really appreciate/understand the ending of ToraDora. SkipBeat! ended abruptly for me (since I've read the manga and know what follows, it didn't seem like a good time to end it), Gundam 00 Season 2 ended differently from other gundam series in that it urges the by-standers to stop being ignorant and empathetic and try to understand the world in order to strive and bring the true peace that everyone's wishing for. I applaud this. The CGI was terrific, no complaints about that. 

Omi's quote for the day: Keep telling yourself that it is possible and set the deadline and sooner or later, something that seems impossible will become possible because you made it possible. GANBATTE!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

28 Mar 09        A Break & Earth Hour

Break and Eating spree - After working on overdrive for the last few weeks (worked at night and on weekends, probably nothing new to all the working folks), decided to take a break. Also decided to stop my Jap class b/c I'm starting to stop enjoying it. The presentation on my proposed project scope to sup this week went pretty well but the next step is more crucial since it is implementation. But first off, I have to trudge through assignments, poster design & presentations, critical report and powerpoint presentations, exams.. before I start my experiments. With the above in mind, I decided I'll reward myself with a little break with weekend by not doing any work for ONE FULL DAY>

Woke up to start the day by bringing my Indonesian friends to sample hawker fare at bedok. Started with jasmine's favorite fried carrot cake at the interchange. Topped off with a nice, cool glass of sugar-cane juice with lemon, and a popiah, it's a start to a wonderful day. Went on to the other market in the hope of finding the snail sausage stall that I read from an online blogger but ended up not finding the stall, bumping into my ex-colleague, spend a long time reminiscing/updating and letting my Indonesia friends sample my favorite chai chee mince-meat noodles. To walk off the food before our last stop at simpang bedok, I made them walk all the way to my house and to the roti-john stall. Needless to say, it's a very hot day and we were perspiring (hopefully skin not very damaged by the sun rays by then) when we reached the stall. Ended the meal with a gusto with cheese-mushroom-roti-john and a big glass of overly-sweetened teh-bing. We went Shop-&-Save to cool down after that and after consulting on the types of good Australian wine from my friends, settled on a Shiraz from Adelaine. Hope it's good. Read an article on how to gradually reduce your caffeine intake. Though I'm controlling my coffee intake to be <2cups/day, I decided to try mixing decaff with caffeinated coffee and slowly upping the decaff portion till I weaned from caffeine. Anyway, that was our last stop (since we can't eat anymore) and I'm already thinking of the next few places that we can visit in bedok after the exams (Hill street chay kway tiao, fishball noodles, botak jones & e pasta stall next to it, missU cafe...).

Was supposed to do my report today but of course, I ended up swimming and we went to Werner's Oven (since mum wanna try German food after hearing the sis brought her MIL there). I was upset to see that the price has increased a lot. We ordered pork knuckles, a sausage platter for 2, a special set (grilled flatfish with potato wedges seasoned with parsley) and it cost a whopping $98. It was a very "porky" meal and probably would taste better if I had washed it down with a glass of beer but there was no one to share with and I was feeling the pitch from the $98 so we didn't. Actually I feel kinda sick after all the sausages and crispy pork skin. I won't say it taste bad but I prefer the fish dish better (and it cost a whopping $22!!!), it's too meaty and expensive for me so I'll probably not return for a very long time.

Earth Hour - Ended the evening with earth hour. Went around the house with a blue lightstick to realise that with the light streaming in from the corridor, there is sufficient lighting in the house and no need for the light stick. Decided it defeats the purpose of earth hour to switch on other forms of appliances that use electricity (ie. fan and tv), I opted to play my piano in semi-darkness. After 1/2hr, I got bored and just lie on the floor half-sleeping and half-thinking about my report structure. Less than 1hr into the darkness, mum couldn't stay it any longer and switch on the lights with 5min to spare. I'll say that at first I didn't want to join in Earthhour because I felt that saving energy and switching off appliances should be a daily routine, not something that you do in 1hr. In addition, the amount of energy consumed by light is the least of our worries (when compared to air-con, cars etc) so switching off the light pale in comparison with the other energy guzzler. But if the world needs evidence to show them that the majority of mankind means business and support this cause, I will do it.

The irony was that I fell asleep later that night with the lights and tv on while watching NGC's special on "6oC could change the world" before mum switch off at 1am. After saving <1hr of energy, I wasted 2+hrs of energy.


Needless to say, I'm ashamed. Maybe I'll "pay back" by taking public transport instead of driving next next week.

24 Mar 09        Still controlling... controlling... dun lose it!!!

Omi realises that health lies in your own hands and like so many other things in life, when the symptoms first surface you have to take the initiative to find out facts, think for yourself, and find means to help yourself before it's too late.

The title's a misnomer. I'm still holding my breath and trying not to lose my temper every time something (that I feel is not right) sets me off.

23 Mar 09        Staying positive/neutral

Every time Omi felt injustice, that omi's contributing more, being bullied, criticized, others seemingly lazy, omi has to take a deep breath, calm down, not to take it against others, to think the better of others, that there is a reason for all these, that it's not that bad to do all this...

Omi wonders how come there are people who dun do much of the work but still dare to criticise and make sooo many demands. Sigh.... 

21 Mar 09        In a wonderful morning

After forcing myself to sleep in (woke up at 7am even though it's a wonderful Saturday to sleep in), I woke up (happier I think) at 9:30am (long time I go beyond 8am), had breakfast, made a nice cup of white latte (something like masala), accompanied by a nice greentea-red bean cake (small, expensive but admittedly very nice!), it's a wonderful day.



In the last few weeks, managed to whip up very nice! salmon fried rice. I was astonished at how right the taste is (saltiness etc...) and it tasted on par with mum's! I'm sooo proud!! It's really very nice friend rice. Miracles do happen once in a while :p

Then I tried out another weird recipe, chicken breast marinated in mustard+honey+greenchili+onion+salt+peppar sauce, coated with a layer of cornflake and baked at 225oC for 40min (turn after 20min on each side). The mash potato with onion was of course foolproof and nice but the chicken taste kinda weird. It's not horrible but I think I need some time to get used to mustard being a main flavour instead of a side flavour (like with ketchup). Niwae, luckily I only tried out one piece for myself. Dun think I'll try again. Next time I'll go for the traditional hotdog with mustard and ketchup. Saw another sinful recipe on Chef@Home regarding baked cheddar cheese potato...Simmer the sliced potato in cream/milk for a while, add seasonings (pepper, garlic, nutmeg), mix, pour into casserole plate, add shredded cheddar on top, bake at 300oC and worla! Another sinful delight that I think i'll try it out another day after exercising :)


Weird news from YahooNews!

Pa. boy, 11, accused of killing dad's girlfriend Strangely, what is more appalling to me is that they actually have guns sized for kids... why in the world do a kid has to have to gun? 

Unnatural selection: How far will parents go? This reminded me of Gundam Seed; I didn't know that they are already trying to practise this even though it's quite a failure now but the weirdest thing is that in spite of the high failure rates, there are still people going for it. Imagine when the technique is perfect, what would happen? Maybe a real war between the naturals and the coordinators.  Sigh...





PINK-chan & Friends :)

Funny Edaname from colleague, supposed to be good for distressing!!


  • Stopped Reading - Speeches that Changed the World, The Monk who Sold his Ferrari - Robin S. Sharma


  •  (Author: Ursula Le Guin)
    The Earthsea Quintet -
    A Wizard of Earthsea
    Tombs of Atuan
    The Furthest Shore
    The Other Wind
    Tales from Earthsea

  • (Author: Deepak Chopra)
    Lord of Light
    The Return of Merlin

  • (Author: Paulo Coelho)
    The Alchemist ,
    The Fifth Mountain
    Eleven Minutes
    The Witch of Portobello
    The Devil an
    d Miss Prym
    By the river Pedra, I sat down and wept
    The Pilgrimage
    Veronika decides to die 
    Like the Flowing River

  • (Author: Diane Wyanne Jones)
    Howl's Moving Castle,
    A Tale of Time City,
    Power of Three

  • (Author: J.K Rowling)
    Harry Potter series

  • (Author: Ono Fuyumi)
    ときょのにぶん, 十二国記,
    watched: Ghost Hunt

  • (Author: Stephanie Meyers)
    Twilight Saga:
    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn
    Midnight Sun  - Pending

  • (Author: Charlaine Harris)

    Harper Connelly series

    Grave Sight
    Grave Surprise
    An Ice cold grave

    Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series
    Dead after dark
    Living Dead in Dallas
    Club Dead
    Dead to the World
    Dead as a doornail
    Definitely Dead
    Altogether Dead
    From Dead to Worse
    Dead and Gone

    Lily Bard Mysteries
    Shakespeare's Landlord
    Shakespeare's Champion
    Shakespeare's Christmas
    Shakespeare's Trollop
    Shakespeare's Counselor

    Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
    Real Murders
    A bone to pick
    Three Bedrooms, One corpse
    The Julius House
    Dead over Heels
    A fool and his Honey
    Last scene Alive
    Poppy Done to Death

    A Secret Rage
    Sweet and Deadly


  • (Mangaka: Ai Yazawa)

  • (Mangaka: Miho Obana)
    Kodocha, Honey Bitter, Andante, Partner, Pochi  

  • (Art by: よしづきくみち (Kumichi Yoshizuki))
    魔法使的條件 太陽與風的斜坡道

  • Aka-chan to Boku 

Travel Destinations (Tentative)

  • Redang, Malaysia (done!)
  • Meteora, Greece
  • Aztec Civilisation, Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico
  • Scandinavia, UK (Backpacking)
  • Nepal, Vietnam, North Korea
  • Free & Easy Self Drive @ Hokkaido!!!
  • Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia
  • Sri Lanka (when the war's over)
  • Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

  • Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru



Omi realises that health lies in your own hands and like so many other things in life, when the symptoms first surface you have to take the initiative to find out facts, think for yourself, and find means to help yourself before it's too late.

If you do not want life to take charge of you, start taking charge.

Keep telling yourself that it is possible and set the deadline and sooner or later, something that seems impossible will become possible because you made it possible. GANBATTE!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next time you want to be lazy, remember the regrets you rather not have if you resign to not being able to do anything, to change people, resign to life, resign to not achieving anything. Life's about finding that goal trying and trying despite repeated failure to reach it. nobody said life's a bed of roses. Tackle each problem one at a time. Complete 1 task before jumping to the next.

It's easy to confuse the limits the world place on you with your own limits. By quitting before trying, I'm giving myself excuses not to step up to challenges. Not having a choice or lack of alternatives is what force or propel us to persevere and stay on or move forward. Learn to deal/bear with uncertainties. 没有后退的余地

自己的路在参考了别人的意见后要自己决定。 不要怀疑自己, 不要怀疑自己的能力。 不要迷惑, 不要拘泥于排山倒海的问题, 决定了就向前, 只要有恒心,铁棒磨成针

Your determination depends on how much you want to reach that goal. Your success depends on your determination. You can rest but not run.

Dun be afraid of being wrong or appearing stupid
Dun be afraid to stand up to others
Turn ya enemies into ya allies
Change ya feelings
Apart from murder and felony, nothing is irreparable.

Random Pics

Craving for green tea chiffon cake from Tanpopo!!!

Awesome Mango Cake from Liang Court! Tast as nice as it looks!!

My All-time Fav Choc Cookies!


Lunch @ MOF

Ma Maison @ Central

<--Special Tonkatsu (Left), Cheeseburger (Right)

Omu-rice in mushroom cream sauce -->

Special Tonkatsu with its condiments... oooo.. sooo crispy... & fat... sinful... :p


ニメ  と ドラーマ
Completed: GhostHunt (25 episodes), Mononoke (12 episodes), Shounen Onmyouji (25 episodes), Yamato nedeshiko shichi henge or Perfect Girl Evolution, Bartender (11 episodes), Kekkaishi (52 episodes), Rental Magica (24 episodes), Gargoyle of Yoshinaga House (13 episodes),  Yakitate!!Japan, きょうからまおう, 幕末期間説いろはにほへとBakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, 宫----野蛮王妃, Claymore (25 episodes), Grasshoppa, Zombie Loan, 操りの左近(Ayatsuri no Sakon)(25 episodes), Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) & its 2 movies, R.O.D, La Corda D'Oro (25+1 episodes), Scrapped Princess, Card Captor Sakura (& the 2 movies), Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (25 episodes), Nodame Cantabile  (23 episodes)  Shion no Oh (22 episodes), 絶対彼氏, 太王四神记, 彩雲こく物語Saiunkoku Monogatari II, GekijouBan Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~MaiHitoyo~ 劇場版 遙かなる時空(とき)の中で 舞一夜(まいひとよ), Black blood brothers, Neon Genesis Evangelion  1.01 You are not Alone, Natsume Yuujinchou, Ouran High School Host Club, Earl & Fairy, Amatsuki, Chiko-Heiress of the Phantom Thief, Himitsu no Hanazono (ヒミツの花園)

Stopped: Ghost in the Shell, Darker than Black, Gallery Fake, Romeo & Juliet, Cluster Edge, Le Chevalier D'eon, Bleach, Naruto, Nagasarete Airantou, Noir, KyouKaraMaouSeason3,  Himitsu-Revelations, Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen, Kuroshitsuji, Yozakura Quartet,  Tales of the Abyss,


  • はじまりのかぜ by Ayaka Hirahara - Opening track of Saiunkoku Monogatari

  • 地上の正座 Chijou no Seiza (Constellations Over the Earth) by Kanata Hongo - Opening track of Fushigi Yuugi Eidoken

  • Fields of Hope - Gundam Seed Soundtrack

  • Heart of Sword by TM Revolution - Rurouni Kenshin opening

  • Brand New Breeze (Opening) by Kanon and Crescendo (Ending) by Stella Quintet - La Corda D'Oro soundtrack

  • The Beautiful Wold (Ending) by Ai Maeda, All the Way (Opening) by Mikuni Shimokawa- Kino no Tabi Soundtrack

  • Over the Sky by Hitomi - LASTEXILE Soundtrack

  • Seiya, Dare Mo Inai Basho - FictionJunction Yuuka (Destination cd)

  • Lullaby, Canta Per Me by Kajiura Yuki - NOIR Soundtrack

  • 暁の車、炎の扉 by FictionJunction Yuuka - Gundam Seed Soundtrack

  • 荒野流転 by FictionJunction Yuuka - 幕末期間説いろはにほへとSoundtrack

  • Dreamscape by FictionJunction Kaori - Tsubasa Chronicle Soundtrack

  • Canon in D - Pachelbel, The John Dunbar Theme - John Barry, GhostHunt OST by Toshio Masuda

  • Apologise - Timbaland, Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis, Stop and Stare - Onerepublic, Tattoo - Jordin Sparks, With you - Chris Brown. Won't go home without you - Maroon 5,

  • Linkin Park, Corraine May, Studio Chibi Soundtrack....

Links: My fav author, celebrated for his work "The Alchemist": Paulo Coelho, Ono Fuyumi, Stephanie Meyers,  Charlaine Harris,
My favorite teenage years books: Books by Lois Duncan, Christopher Pike
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