Cartoons (Related to Geography)

Cartoons (Not related to Geography)


CARTOONS (related to Geography)


Greenhouse Effect I
Greenhouse Effect II
Global Warming Protocol

Warming Oceans

Weird Weather

The Environment I

The Environment II

Deforestation I
Deforestation II

Deforestation III

Effects of Deforestation

Healthy Forest Initiative

Save The Forests

Clean Air Act

Air Quality

Air Pollution

Water Pollution I

Water Pollution II

Water Pollution III

Nuclear Power Plant

Effects of Nuclear Power

Recycling I

Recycling II

Recycling III

Save The Ozone I

Save The Ozone II

Natural Habitat
Endangered Species

Blizzard of 2003

Winter Weather

Overpopulation I

Overpopulation II



Populated Rio De Janeiro (Shanty Towns)


CBD - The Road Map: Traffic Jam

Public Transport


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CARTOONS (not related to Geography)



Hot Dog
Back To School I
Back To School II

Back To School III

Back To School IV
Drifting In Class
Computer Programming

Essay Writing I

Essay Writing II

Science Class (Dissecting)
Study On Child Obesity

Alien Education

Tests I

Tests II

Holiday Homework Menu

Fail To Hand In Homework (Excuses) I

Fail To Hand In Homework (Excuses) II

Fail To Hand In Homework (Excuses) III

Sick Leave

Protect Against Bullies
Dracula in class
Anatomy of Toddler's brain
Car Pooling
Original cell phone
Mad Cow Disease

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