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Now I know I have a heart because it's breaking
It is the wounded heart that makes us human in the end.

Saturday, July 27, 2002 :::
decided to have something for a change so begin with a new layout for my blog..thanks to 1greeneye. DL this skin and do some edition..emm, not really de final product yet.

::: posted by yi yi at 7/27/2002 09:24:22 PM

Thursday, July 25, 2002 :::
havent blog for some days..reason why? guess i jus simply couldnt be bother by it. Slowly drifting away from de virtual world by not online de whole day during de past few days. actually didnt do much lately also except i broke my toilet door handle and bought de bumblebee goby and i cook last nite. joker part on de fish is, me n siris each bought 2 gobbies on tat day and we went S11 to drink after tat. buddy also show up for a glass but i think we hang outside too long cos one each of our fish died. (buy around 4:30pm,reach hm at 11pm+) So fated we are only meant to kept one. very cute little sweet darling but my baby is a damn fussy eater. kept playing with its food and not eating, even forged death to play mind games with me by staying in de water motionlessly and drop down like a rocket and suddenly become active again in its lovely tank. but sad news is..it died today, possibly is cos my fish trying to be *slim 10..give food no wan eat. Good news is siris one is damn good eater..eat n eat. LOL.
well. i cook cabbage roll last nite, dun know why suddenly i feel like cooking tat dish, in fact i LUN for 6days cos i saw the TV show with de guy cooking it..filled with excitment and been yearning to cook it again. yeah..i cook it b4 during my sch days. regarding de taste, i find it nice execpt for de suace..not thick enough. someone gt a feast of de food i cook.Nice BOH? perhaps next round u cook for me.kekeke.
somehow i think i need to do something on my temper...causing destruction all over my life but it doesnt matter cos i am born with it and tis is me.

P/s: ehy..what happen to my pink box?seems like the line on de rite side had MIA. why huh?

Listening to eagles ~ Love will keep us alive.mp3

I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby, there's nothing I wouldn't do
I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you've given me the will to survive
When we're hungry...love will keep us alive

::: posted by yi yi at 7/25/2002 06:03:14 PM

Friday, July 19, 2002 :::
opps..i did it again. i remove what i post earlier again. i del it is cos i still have many things to rant yet i dun know how to write or rather, where to start from. anyway to see what i post earlier, click this: words
I wrote it out of frustration due to some probs that i had with my parents. now everything seems to cool off. well, u never knew when the war is going to break out again..it could be anytime.
went for dentist consultation with him yesterday while he remove his broken tooth. SigH..dentist insisted that i die die also have to do root canal and a operation on my wisdom tooth. spend my whole day n nite outside yesterday, guess that is what makes my mummy blood boil for not going home.
some surprise for u, buddy. consider tis is made by me. LoL, actually no la. obtain it elsewhere and decided to redo it for u. hehe.

P/s: Linked andrew in Link.

::: posted by yi yi at 7/19/2002 01:20:54 PM

Monday, July 15, 2002 :::
ok...i edit/del the Post earlier cos is freaking too Long..anyway i recieve a call consider as prank call tis morning. whole story damn complicated, think that guy trying to find fualt with me and i believe someone i know gave my number away although u claim that i BOH SIM or whatsoever.i did check my phonelist but i couldnt detect the number u gave so it wasnt my fualt cos there r so many human out there whom i know with de same name u gave me. anyway now from what i see..it looks like u dun deserve my SIM to remember u as a friend after what had happen tis morning. anyway...a BIG note to u: FUCK OFF WHEN I SLEEP.

click to take it!

laze around my house..roll here..roll there..couldnt get back to Zz anymore but watch one of my fav cartoon..powerstone b4 proceeding to de dentist. hiya..go one big round end up do nothing. dentist say i mustnt delay anymore but based on my suitation now..guess i have to delay it abit longer. well well..JOB offer came so fast. shall see how it proceed...

P/s: 4get to mention that i edit the link and added ben n dildo in it too.

::: posted by yi yi at 7/15/2002 10:23:59 PM

Sunday, July 14, 2002 :::
okie...guess is time to start hunting for jobs after so many mths of slacking n after handing in my projects on Friday. During past few days, bump into alot of retarded fools who gave me attitude probs but well well...wonder is they sway to bump into me or i sway to bump into them cos i give them more attitude in return. Anyway catch 2 shows(windtalker n minority report) during this few days, feel that they are worth watching.so what are u guys waiting for? go watch it. Met up with russ, daggie, roxy, ice togther with cor b4 he returns to aust...heard that tis is his 2nd last time back to sg cos he will be mirgating to Jap after his finish his course. All the best in whatever u do cor.
i guess is about time for me to visit the dentist cos the pain keeps coming back on n off and sometimes is killing me, swearing upside down...shall go when i am not nua.

Feel malu last nite..cos i thot go makan with ice n bui cos i thot drinking cancel...end up went to Time in a Bottle with flip-flops slippers...1st time there wear slipper..kaoz..i win. although i see some ppl wearing also very chin chye but i still feel uneasy over it. but that pub consider quite cosy, nice n cheap drinks.

saw bumble goby fish jus now..looks cute..shall i buy it? feel like adding to my house luo hans collections.. gt 3 luo han at home liao le but they belongs to papa. But look at the fish profile. nothing wrong with it but see that it actively hunt, kill and eat any fish small enough to swallow really makes me think twice.

Change slighty bout the layout..i'm so sick of of black.so what u think of tis? siris made tis for me some period of time back..one of my site is also using this BG.

P/s: anyone know what the hell is tis? - Error 503:Unable to load template file: /home/Templates2/3492454_a.html - i couldnt find it under help and saw a few ppl ganna this prob le.. looks chim.

::: posted by yi yi at 7/14/2002 09:41:27 PM

Wednesday, July 10, 2002 :::
ppl say i am a very strong girl, wonder how true is that? perhaps u guys havent seen the breakin down side of me yet..well, anyway i doubt u guys will see tis side at least for the moment now, in future maybe...but some had seen it b4 and they fear for it. for those who really know me, u know what i am like, anyway i know how to deal with it so try not worry guys,i'm doin ok now cos no matter what, i know how to keep myself going...as usual the same words: Life goes on...
Anyway i been very busy with my "sch" project lately...finish sch still must do sch work...wat de fuck?! anyway, it doesnt matter cos i am doing it for my sake and not for others. of cos other then the busy work, i manage to squeeze time out for some break but i couldnt online earlier and miss gal..peiseh, i bitchy doing colouring today ...opps...i mean busy. i wonder what is ah bui doing lately...supposed to join him n ice earlier but think he gt something on, nvm...next time 4 pa... chat with D.B earlier, pat pat on D.B shoulder.

::: posted by yi yi at 7/10/2002 02:37:30 AM

Friday, July 05, 2002 :::
Life is kinda hard sometimes, especially when every move you make feels like a test of your strength to survive another day without breaking down
-Laura's Collection of Quotes-

::: posted by yi yi at 7/5/2002 02:38:39 PM

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