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Meaningful Lines of The Day...

  1. Two tear drops were floating down the over. One teardrop said to the other, I'm the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. "Who are you?"... "I'm the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl go..."
    Bottom line : Nobody will sympathise a person who constantly let chances passes by without making any efforts to salvage. We normally don't realise how important our loved and closed ones are until they left us, we'll start reminiscences which results to misery.

  2. There are so many stars in the sky but only some are radiant enough to catch your attention. Among those that you chose to ignore is that one star which is willing to continue shining for you. Even if your glance remains elsewhere.
    Bottom line : Phrase 1 : The present person who you are with for the time being may/may not be the one you truly love. Phrase 2 : Should a person who knows that he/she can't be with you for the time being and yet still continue to love you whole heartedly for who you are is touching. Think about it..........

  3. It's so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception.
    Bottom line : We are critical especially to the one we like or love because we want them to be the best, constantly seeking for perfection, which should be worked out by both parties in a relationship and not one party alone to shoulder the burden.

"I look out of the window gazing at the celestial sight.
Mr. Moon, are you lonely up in the sky at night?
Are you so extra on the starry twilight that u sometimes hide?
Take a good rest while the sun takes its flight."

"Hey mr moon.. bet u r strong and bright
Dun let anything covers ur light..
U may look diff at times
Round wif cheerful smile or sad wif a crescent face...
Move on..dun stop ur pace!
Everyone admired e mr moon tat showed us e way, want him around every single day!
Wish him happiness always! & smile!"
(Written by Yakkomochhi 3rd may 2003 2.45am)

"Life end when u stop dreaming,
hope end when u stop believing and luv end when u stop carin.
So dream, hope and luv while u breath coz life is beautiful."
(Written by Eve aka Rainydaes)

The above 3 wonderful poems are founded from Rainy's Website.