Email System Exercises



1. Write or Compose a letter


at the <Header> type:

To :

Subject : Best Wishes
Cc. : Bcc.:

at the <Body text> type:
Dear myfriend1’s Name,

Best Wishes.

Sign, your name. Send.



2. Check Mail





3. Can you see the difference between received letters of To :, Cc : and Bcc : ?



4. Reply All or Reply Re : at any letter received – To : same persons (including those at the Cc : and bcc : will also be notified).





5. Can you see replied letters Re : ?



6. Forward Fwd : a letter at Inbox (Type a new email address from To :) – a 3rd or 4th email address.





7. Can you see forwarded letters with the attached message represented by the paper clip Fwd : ?



8. Delete any 3 letters at Inbox.




9. Go to Trash Folder DON’T Empty.




10. Recover any deleted letter from the Trash Folder (Move to ).



11. Can you see Recovered Letter(s) at ?




12. At Inbox, select any letter, include the email address of the sender(s) (including c.c. persons) to your .




13. Check your new email address in the .








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