We use Internet (20%) for Communication in Module 2 :

an electronic post office mailing medium without having to put stamps, taking trips to the post office, faxing or making phone call,

at Yahoo!Singapore for your


How to register for free web-based email ?





Difference between a website name and an email address ?


website address :


email address :





How to read, write, send, reply, forward, delete email (and more)?









How to send to many email addresses?


(make sure there is a comma ‘,’
make sure there is no full-stop after the last email address)



How to create 'hypertext links' ?

Your Yahoo!Email program does recognize Website or Email addresses as active links, you can easily copy and paste them directly into your Web Yahoo!Email program :

With your mouse cursor, select or highlight the *entire* address.
Click <Edit> Menu, Click <Copy>.
Click at your Email message box.
Click <Edit> Menu, Click <Paste>.

Alternatively :

You can
type directly the Website or Email addresses and <Enter>



Are you sure you know your email?

E-mail System Revision hi-(2)

(1) sign-in your id and password to your web-based email at mail.yahoo.com

(2) compose a message with the Subject: I am here!
To: edwin_koh123@yahoo.com.sg
Cc: your email address <copy and paste> technique
I visited Australia website at www.australia.com <Enter>



Are you sure you know your greeting card?

E-Greeting Card Revision hi-(2)

(1) send a Yahoo! Greeting From your email address



(i) preview, make changes, send the e-card



(2) send another Greeting From your email address


Free e-card : e-cards ()



(i) build and preview, make changes, send



Do you want to complain about me?

Complain E-mail Revision hi-(2)


(1) return to your web-based email at http://mail.yahoo.com

(2) compose a message with the Subject: Complain
To: edwin_koh123@yahoo.com.sg

use emotion icons to express your extreme anger on Edwin Koh, and spam



a Complain message





What is File Attachment in email?


File Attachment




What is Computer Virus?


Computer Virus




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