What is a Web Page?

A page of information with

text, images and sound on the web.






What is a Website ?

A collection of information displayed

on the World Wide Web (WWW),

with a distinctive address called a URL.




What is Hyperlink or link?

A word, phrase or picture on the

web page, when selected (click),

link you to another related web page.






We use Internet (80%) for Information Search in Module 1:

a mass-communications medium for newspapers, radio, television, magazines, movies, books, – commonly we use sites on Yahoo!, MSN, - like an Electronic Library for good information, communication, entertainment, forum, shopping, free stuffs, both personal and groups interests.







Information Search Methods

Direct URL Search

Subject Directory Search

Search Engine/Sitemap
















www.can.com.sg /
www.hdb.gov.sg /

sg.lycosasia.com /




Information Search Method

Direct URL Search "Somebody recommends you that the URL or the website is good, so they tell you to type.. and <Enter>"



Standard - URL: http://www.s-one.net.sg

Website - www.s-one.net.sg

Short-form - s-one.net.sg


We split the short-form into 3 id codes

title : s-one

domain : .net (broadband network)

country code: .sg means registration in Singapore




Project 1 : Search for Local Information

Dear Class,

You are recommended that at www.s-one.net.sg you can look for the following information :


Standard - URL: http://www.s-one.net.sg

Website - www.s-one.net.sg

Short-form - s-one.net.sg





Use Method : Direct URL Search







Check the Flight Arrival of Japan Airlines JL722 from Tokyo. Can you give us

(a) URL- http://flightinfo.asia1.com.sg

(b) What is the time of arrival, terminal #, and the belt # (if it is confirmed)?

(c) Check the Flight Departure of Singapore Airlines that has departed in the last 5-minute. What is the time of departure, terminal #, and the belt #?


Lookup the Phone Number of your Friend sitting besides you….make sure that their names are listed in the Residential/Yellow Pages. Can you give us the

(a) URL- http://www.yellowpages.com.sg

What is the for tomorrow it is or or or ? Can you give us the

(a) URL- http://weather.asiaone.com





I. Tips on How Not to get Lost!



Project 2 : e-newspaper

Dear Class,

We recommend to you the Singapore’s online e-newspaper website at www.asia1.com.sg :


Standard - URL: http://www.asia1.com.sg

Website - www.asia1.com.sg

Short-form - asia1.com.sg



Use Method : Direct URL Search







(a) read

(b) read classified and business opportunities




Use Method : Direct URL Search






(a) listen to Live Radio : choose any radio station of your choice





Project 3 : e-tv.live

Dear Class,

We recommend to you the Singapore’s live e-tv website at www.channelnewsasia.com :


Standard - URL: http://www.channelnewsasia.com

Website - www.channelnewsasia.com

Short-form - channelnewsasia.com


Use Method : Direct URL Search









(a) select Singapore, High
(b) operate the video media player , adjust the volume, maximise the full screen
(right click & then left click)




Information Search Method

Subject Directory Search – "Nobody knows the URL or the website, they say that at that Country and the Subject is.."

Yahoo! at that Country - http://sg.yahoo.com (S'pore), au.yahoo.com (Australia), uk.yahoo.com (United Kingdom/Ireland), in.yahoo.com (India), www.yahoo.com (USA)

Search Box - Type - Subject <search>

Search Results - Web Pages Click

Choose Possible List - Click


Use Method : Subject Directory Search


(a) look for entertainment
(b) my favourite actors/actresses



Project 4 : Collection of Pictures in the Internet

Point to each picture in the web page

(i) right-click to display the short-cut menu;
left-click to <Save Picture As>;
(iii) change the name of the file (optional)
left-click to <Save> at <My Documents> <My Pictures> folder.



View my pictures at <My Documents> folder





II. Tips on How Not to get Lost!





Use Method : Subject Directory Search


(a) look for the country Turkey
(b) Sightseeing Tour at Turkey




Use Method : Visual Search


(a) look for what you or your children like
(b) Can you see the search subjects in pictures?




Information Search Method

or "nobody knows the URL or the website, at the search engine helps you to scan for your requested information that you type, sitemap navigates you directly to the information…."

Search - Type - Subject <search> or

Click – Your Choice




Project 5 : Visit Monash University
in Australia


Use Method : Search Engine/Sitemap


(a) how old is the school (History)?

(b) what is the contact number to call to the Malaysian Campus of Monash University?




Project 6 : Visit The Local Government Ministries


Use Method : Search Engine/Sitemap



(a) how to register for birth certificate?

(b) how to verify the eligibility of foreign labour work permit pass?







Information Search Method / (Mixed)




Use Method / : Search Engine/Sitemap


(a) canfind
(b) canhouse - valuation price of your private property
(c) caneat
(d) cansupply






Use Method / : Search Engine/Sitemap


(a) What is the Valuation Price of your HDB flat?




Use Method / : Search Engine/Sitemap


(a) search for your favourite food receipes






Use Favourites to keep track of your Web Sites

Once you have located the information you are looking for using the search engine, you may wish to remember the web page address so that you may return to it in the future.


Click <Favorites> button


Click <Add> if you want to include the web page information in the favourite list

Click <OK>




Click <Organize> if you want to manage the folder list



Create New Folder

Type the name of the New Folder

Click <OK>



Delete File or Web Page

Click <Yes>




III. Tips on How Not to get Lost!





Review Project : Migration to Australia


Dear Class,

To migrate to Australia, you can get an on-line application form. Someone has offered you A$10,000 for the information. How much do you profit from the internet browsing and searching?


Use method, are you able to find out migration and visa information? Can you find out about the visa fees?


Clue 1 : What is the Country and what is the Subject?

Clue 2 : How to arrive at that Country yahoo.com?



Step-by-step Approach

method : Subject Directory


Subject Search : migration and visa

Directory Search : choose list of websites

Best Choice : www.austvisa.com.au


Find out the Visa Fees for Individual and Business Migration.



Migration web sites
















Final Remarks

Edwin Koh : Remember to Practise New Skills, Adopt New Attitudes, and Apply New Knowledge in Your Journey to New Destination and Discovery.



Thank You for your attention.



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