PowerPoint Module 5

Working with Tables, Graphs & Organisation Chart



Launch PowerPoint 2000 :

Point and click <Start>, <Programs>,
<Microsoft Office>,
<Microsoft PowerPoint>



  • Create a Blank Presentation
    You can create a blank presentation from scratch
    (Blank template from the New Slide dialog box selection).

    Select <Blank AutoLayout>

    Click <File> <Save As>
    Type ex2

    Click <OK>


  • Inserting a Table
    The quickest way to create a table is to click
    <Insert Table> button

    The other way to create a table is to draw it when you click <Tables And Borders> button

    The mouse pointer turns into a pencil, and the Tables And Borders toolbar appears

    Click <Insert Table> button
    Drag the mouse pointer to the cell to three column and three row and release the mouse button

    Click <Tables And Borders> button
    Draw a box using the pencil

  • Merging Table Cells
    After you've created a table, you might determine that some of table data doesn't fit neatly within the row-and-column format that you've defined. You can use
    merge cells which is the process of joining multipe cells into one larger cell.

    Can you repeat the two more drawings as shown?

  • Inserting and Formatting a Table
    Sometimes, information is best presented in table format. With the
    Insert Table feature, you can create and format a table in PowerPoint.

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Table AutoLayout>

    The Table AutoLayout has been applied

    Type Slide title : Impact Success Stories

    Double-click the table placeholder
    The Insert Table dialog box appears

    Click <Table> Click <Insert>
    Click <Table>
    Select <Number Of Columns:> box with 2
    Select <Number Of Rows:> box with 4

    Click <OK>

    Type the following

    Select <Bold>, <Center>, Center Vertically>, and <Fill Color> buttons
    Apply Format on the Company, Success

    Click <Draw Table> button
    Draw a line under Miller Textiles

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Table AutoLayout>

    Select <Number Of Columns:> box with 4
    Select <Number Of Rows:> box with 3

    Type the following

    Insert Rows and Columns from <Table> of <Tables And Borders> toolbar

    Type the following

    Resizing a Table
    PowerPoint lets you
    resize a table in many ways : column, row and entire table by positioning the mouse pointer over the table.

  • Adding Shading to a Table
    Shading to all or parts of a table emphasizes a portion of the table or to give the appearance of different sections in the table, to help call attention.

    Select the first row with the subheading
    2002 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
    <Tables And Borders>
    The Tables And Borders toolbar appears
    Shade the row in

    Select the remaining rows
    Click <Tables And Borders>
    The Tables And Borders toolbar appears
    Shade the rows in

  • Inserting and Formatting a Microsoft Graph Chart
    Microsoft Graph is a program that PowerPoint uses to insert a chart in a presentation slide (
    becomes an embedded object in the slide).

    You can start Graph by double-clicking a chart placeholder, clicking the Insert Chart button on the Standard toolbar, or by clicking Chart on the Insert menu.

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Chart AutoLayout> Slide

    Type Slide title : Proven Results

    Double-click the chart placeholder

    PowerPoint launches Microsoft Graph

  • Change Data in a Chart
    To type in new text or value, delete the entire datasheet

    Type the data in the datasheet

  • Changing the Chart Type

    Click <Chart>
    Click <Chart Type>

    Select <3-D Bar Chart>
    Click <OK>

  • Add Chart Title

    Click <Chart>
    Click <Chart Options>

    Sales Report at <Chart title:> box
    Quarterly at <Category (X) axis:> box

  • Recolor Chart
    Double-click any column in the chart

    Click <Format>
    Click <Selected Data Series>
    Click <Patterns> tab

    Click <Fill Effects> tab to specify a fill effect

    Select the options for
    Gradient, Texture, Pattern, Picture.

    Click <OK>

  • Inserting and Modifying an Organizational Chart
    Microsoft Organization Chart ins a program that PowerPoint uses to embed organizational chart objects in presentation slides, which you can edit any time.

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Organization Chart AutoLayout> Slide

    Type Slide title : About Impact PR

    Double-click the org chart placeholder

    PowerPoint launches Organization Chart

    Type John Tan, MD

    Type the rest of organizational structure

    Refer to M5 Page 11-15 for Practice Exercise
















Practice Exercise


How to create a Table ?


How to create a Chart ?



How to create an Org. Chart ?






Edwin Koh : We completed on the
New Knowledge and Skills in
MS PowerPoint 2000 Module 5.







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