PowerPoint Module 6

Background, Template & Printing

  • Changing Design Templates
    When you apply a template to a presentation, PowerPoint copies the information from each master in the template to the corresponding masters in the presentation.
    All slides in a presentation will then acquire the look of the template.

    <Common Tasks> menu
    Click <Apply Design Template>

    Select Sunny Days

    Click <OK>

  • Change Slides Background
    You can create a special background by adding a shade, a texture, a pattern, or even a picture to slides.
    <Format> <Background>

    Click Background Fill down area

    Select <More Colors>

    Creating a textured background

    Select <Fill Effects>

    <Texture> tab

    Others : Gradient, Pattern,
    Picture (select image as the Background)

    Click <OK> <Apply>

  • Page Setup
    Before you print a presentation, use the Page setup dialog box to set the proportions and orientation of your slides, notes pages, handouts, and outlines on the printed page.
    <File> <Page Setup>

    On-Screen Show
    Letter Paper (8.5 x 11 in)
    A4 Paper (210 x 297 mm)
    35mm slides, Overhead
    Banner, Custom


  • Preview Slides in Black and White
    You are using
    a black and white printer to print a colour presentation, you ay need to verify that the printed presentation. Grayscale Preview

  • Printing Options
    PowerPoint prints presentation on your default printer.
    <File> <Print>
    Select Printer Name, Set Properties

    Print Slides, Audience Handouts, and
    Speaker Notes

PowerPoint prints your presentation in a black-and-white format unless you print on a colour printer.


Print from a drop-down list box in any of these styles :

(a) Slides only.

(b) Handouts (which can hold from two to six slides per page) so you can give comprehensive notes to the audience.

(c) Notes for the speaker.

(d) Outline for proofreading purposes.

<File> <Print>

Print Slides, Notes page, Handout, Outline page
Click to choose the number of output types per page

Quit PowerPoint2000

Click <File> <Close>

Click <File> <Exit>



Practice Exercise






Edwin Koh : We completed on the
New Knowledge and Skills in
MS PowerPoint 2000 Module 6.







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