Setting Up E-mail Account


Before Microsoft Outlook Express can send and receive your e-mail message, you will have to provide your account and mail server information provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). For mail accounts, you'll need to know your account name (user name) and password, and the names of the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server provided when you apply for an internet account with an ISP.


User name : edwinkoh
Password : ******
Incoming Server :
Outgoing server :


Click <Start> <Settings> <Control Panel>
<Internet Options>
Click <Connections> tab



Click <Setup> Click <OK>




Click menu <Tools> Click <Accouts>
Click <Mail> tab

Click <Add>
Select to open the Internet Connection Wizard

Click <I connect through a phone line and a modem> option
Click <Next>

Click <Create a new Internet mail account> option Click <Next>

Fill-in Telephone number Click <Next>

Type User name Type Password
Click <Next>

Type name of your ISP at the Connect name box Click <Next>

Click Yes to set up an Internet mail account now Click <Next>

Type your name at Display name box
Click <Next>

Fill-in your E-mail address Click <Next>

Type name of Incoming mail
Type name of Outgoing mail
Click <Next>

Confirm your Account name and Password
Click <Next>

Click To connect to the Internet
Click <Finish>


You have completed the steps in the Internet Connection Wizard.

Click <Connect> to dial internet

You have successfully Dial-in and Connected to the Internet.

You have successfully Setup Internet E-mail Account.

Click <Servers> tab to check.

Click <Connections> tab to check.

Click <OK>



Edwin Koh (Trainer) : "Congratulations, you have learnt How to Setup your E-mail Account."






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