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18th Hashida Best New Comer Award

17th Debut Model-personality Award

2nd ('98) Sport Magazine - Drama 'Glass' Best Leading actress

19th Japan Akademi Best New Comer award

Daily Movie Kosoku-ru Best New Comer award

Buru-Riboso Best New Comer award

Japan Movie Critics Best New Comer award

Takasaki Movie Festival Best new leading actress award

Oosaka Movie Festival Best leading actress award

Name: Esumi Makiko (ѥޥ)

Birthplace: Shimane (Tottori Ken)

Birth Date: 18/12/1966 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Group: AB

Height: 173 CM

Vital Statics: B82/W57/H86

Education Level: High School

Fav. Food: Beans, Machatoi

Fav. Animal: Dogs

Occupation: Model (since 1991), Actress

Ex-Occupation: Volleyball team player (National team)

Brief Biography:

Esumi loves sports when she was in school, so she wanted to be a teacher, teaching sports. As her father passed away and her family was faced with financial difficulties, she worked after high school. She joined a volleyball team. She had to quit the team because she injured her arm. In the hospital, a nurse adviced her to be a model as she is tall. This is her first step to a new modelling career. She made her first drama in 1995 and became an actress since then. Her stardom shot to the peak when she released two photo albums and also her role in Shomuni.

As for her love life, she is affiliated with people such as Takeda Shinji, the lead singer of Elephant Kashimashi, etc. In 1996, She married Kirishima Roland, a cameraman for 9 months and divorced. She is currently affiliated with a Kabuki actor, Onoe Kikunosuke who is about 10 years her junior. Relationship started at the end of 2000.

Onoe Kikunosuke,
Kabuki actor

Born into a leading Kabuki family, Kikunosuke began dance lessons at the tender age of two and made his stage debut when he was six. He has been strongly influenced by both his grandfather, already known as one of the most hard-working actors in Kabuki, who insisted on repeated practice until he had grasped each role, and his father, who was more inclined to let him do his own thing.
As a female impersonator, Kikunosuke brings fresh charm and beauty to his roles, making him much sought-after by Kabuki fans.

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