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Last update :  02 August 2004

Battlefleet Gothic : D-Day

The day is coming when the Comicius Martius Sector will explode in a maelstrom of fire and plasma as ships from all sectors and races gather to vie for supremacy…

Or so that’s the plan. *sigh*

Anyway, I have compiled a summary of the rules here for commanders out there to download and peruse so that they can prepare their fleets for combat. A studio fleet of Imperial ships is being prepared and are enroute to the Comicius Martius to await further orders. An Eldar and Necron fleet have also been sighted although these reports by merchant ships cannot be confirmed (they are just merchants after all…)

Rumours abound that Abaddon himself has ordered construction of a small fleet of ships to probe the sector before launching an all out assault.

All commanders are to send as much help as they can in the form of manpower and ships to the Comicius Martius sector urgently and await further orders. Fleet exercises in preparation for D-Day will commence once ships arrive and are briefed.

Gamers.com Forum is back up!

Finally! The forum is back up! Please feel free to use the forum to post game related articles or nonsense. I also noticed some refugees from PS at Mart so please feel free to let them know about this website and the forum (especially the forum).

Don’t forget that if the user base of the forum is larger, it’ll be more dynamic and vibrant rather than the same ol’ people posting the same ol’ posts. In case it gets too messy, I can change the settings of the forum to a more organized topic-based layout. So don’t fret about making it messy and all. Leave that to me.

http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammerworld/warhammer/chaos/articles/generator/images/juggernaught.jpgStorm of Chaos

The Chaos hordes have come!! Time to muster the rats… ermm…. men of the Warhammer World to die a glorious death on the battlefield. Remember to register and submit the results online. YOUR battles matter to determine the outcome. Will the wolf wolf humans die a chaotic death or will the wolves feast on Nurgle spawn? What in blazes have the Skaven got to do with anything? Are the Chaos dwarves devolving to just war machine crew with nice beards and clothing? How about the cattle on the farms of the empire? Don’t they get to repel the Chaos hordes?!?! So many unanswered questions……

Register yourself at the Storm of Chaos website and choose a side to fight for : Defenders of Middenheim, Attackers of Middenheim and Orcs Marauders. Report your battles and see how battles for key sites are affected. Watch the campaign unfold as cities fall to the corrupting power of Chaos or cheer as the defenders sacrifice their lives to buy their families precious time to flee the clutches of Chaos.








Fallentreeman lives!!!

After years  upon months of stasis, BrioS has reanimated the beast that is the fallentreeman and will now have another avenue to express his insanity.

But first… Kudos to dEdDaWg for the creating the current look of this site which looks great doesn’t it? dEdDaWg has considerable artistic talent and I wish we would be able to see more of it soon...










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