Spec of Electronic Guardian
Smart and Reasonable Price
Security System
for Your Self Defence.
Easy installation
and High technology
from Japan.

Unfortunately, At this moment there are many stories about robberies due to the economy is down.
Don't you have any experience during the middle of the night, you heard sound from your back yard, from your entrance or even from the garden?.
Then you have it in your mind that somebody wants to get inside to steal your things?
Usually it might be the strong wind, cats or any animals. But what if it's really a thief?

Or what if your husband away for work and just home during week ends?
Are you not afraid to leave your family without any protection?
Even though you have somebody or security guards, can you still have a good night sleep?

We know thatc. and we understand what you are feeling and worry about.
And now the solution is with us, With the J-tech.

We provide Security Alarm Systems to generate wide protection area 7m x 5m from 2.5m high (minimum).
If somebody gets in to the protected area, Lamp will automatically on and an alarm sound will let you know that someone get into the area.
Just like a sleepless guardian that has a Electronic Spider net. You can also choose External buzzer to create the supplies to intruder. Also backup battery pack. Etc..

If you know that someone has get into the protected area, you can prepare such as to call police or to the next door for help. Because usually accident happen suddenly to you. But If you could be prepare before it happens?.

Try to compare a person guarding your house than using our systems.
With security guard you have to pay every month to get a good services provided, but with our system just 1 time payment and services last, no sleep and no quit.
It will always monitor the protected area and it will generate like an electronic spider net.

Try to consider for your safety life with our product " Electronic Guardian "

Masahiro Aizawa