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How it all began...

The team was formed in May 2003, it was then known as Cougars. It started off with 11 players, who used T-Shirts imprinted with numbers as their jerseys. The team got together for a kickabout at Choa Chu Kang or Woodlands at any time that was possible. The team recieved a great blow just 2 months later, when 5 of its players decided to leave the team, due to other commitments.

After about a month the remaining players in the team recruited more players. The team was then renamed to Kranji Cougars. The team now has a healthy squad of about 25 players on its roster. The team is funded by the players themselves and the players now also have a full set of jersey.

The future of the team...

The team has had its share of good time and bad times, as well as troubled times. The team is now picking up and we hope that it remains on this steady incline and that we are able to work up to greater heights. This would definately depend on the commitment and responsibility the management and players are willing to put in.

We would also like to take this opprtunity to thank you for visiting our site and showing your support.


Thank You and Best Wishes...!
Management and Players of Kranji Cougars.


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