Like other fanlistings, we do have rules for you to follow too. @_@ These are simple and basic rules so all you peepz shouldn't have any problems following it. ^_^

01 | You must like/love/be obsessed with Momiji's Teru Teru Momiji song. That's the reason why you want to join us, right? ^^;

02 | Please link back to TTMF IF you have a site because we're gonna link you too. So if you don't link back, it's wrong. =)

03 | You have 2 days to put up the code in your site and once you've put it there, DO NOT remove it or else we would have to remove your link from here too [ but your name will still be registered ]. ^_^

04 | It is IMPORTANT that you leave your REAL name, country and e-mail address. Don't give nicknames like "cutegurrrl" or "superhunk", etc. >_<;;

05 | Please update us if you plan to move your site or close it down! We still want to check for the codes and update our fanlisting as well~ (",)

06 | At the space where it says "momiji", put "onigiri" so that we know you've read the rules ^^;;

ready to join us? n_n