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Sunday, 21.08.2005 1902 hrs

Hello All,

Haha...its been a year since I have updated anything here. Anyway I have already started with a blog of my own. So check it out there. My blog addy is www.snowflakeslove.blogspot.com.


Tuesday, 23.11.2004 1750 hrs


It's been sometime since I last pen down something. Well really been neglecting this blog for sometime. Kinda of bz with lotsa of stuff recently. Will try to update as often as possible though.

Currently bz with my exams. Argh.................I hate exams. But wat to do? Cert is not everything but without them sometimes u cant get too far........

Will try to put in more stuff when i got the time. Hee.....I know thats wat I always say but I will really find some time.


Friday, 30.04.2004 1052 hrs


Ke ke ke..........today I am going for my genting trip! Yippeess....Singapore weather nowadays is really getting so unbearable that I really must go cool out some where or I will melt to water.

It's Labour day again tomorrow. Hm.....seems like time really pass fast. Before we know it a year has pass. Now its almost mid of 2004 already, how can I say that I am still young? But I guess young at heart is good enough. Hee hee.......

Well....quite a couple of stuff happened in the pass week. But I guess everything is still going on fine. Jeannette's wedding is coming soon and am really glad for her. Still remember during our secondary school days, all of us were like sitting there and wondering who will be the first to get married. But all of us made a wrong guess....heee hee..... toking abt them I only have 1 regret. That is Jiaying.....seems that things really doesn't worked out between her with Jean and Lynn. But for me, the last thing I would do is give up on them. Really hope that 1 day miracle really happens and the 4 of us would sit there and laugh abt the stupid stuff that we had done. Badly waiting for this day, its almost 10 years already. Wonder what the chances are. Argh...y am I toking abt these moody stuff on a holiday eve? hee hee.......sorry guys....just that every time when i talk abt them, sadness just sets in.

Guess thats all abt my yakking today. (=^v^=)
Will be opening a new thread for "MY BOOK", there will be the place where everything is how I wan it to be and what its gonna be.

So ppl, stay tune for more~

Shall be updating soon!
Cheers and have fun!
Puc Puc

Sunday, 29.02.2004 1603 hrs


How's everyone doing? Went clubbing last night as its JH's birthday. Ooo, its been a long time since we last had so much fun. Though its just a couple of us and the place we went weren't that fantastic, but i believe all of us had a great time. Nowadays, its hard to find chances like this. Everyone of us are busy with their own stuff.

Sometimes I wonder, is it that when all of us grow up and thinking change, time with friends will be shorten and ppl tends to be more forecast on their relationship and work. Friends will probably not be the top of the list anymore. *sad* Well, but still I am glad that I really do have quite a number of close friends. And they are always there for me whenever I need them. So I guess I am still the lucky one. hee hee

Today is the 29th of Febuary, once in every 4 years. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. I shall see ya soon!


Monday, 02.02.2004 0121 hrs


It's 1am now. Just admended some links and done a new calendar, with special Thanks to sugary sweets. I simply loved their calendars. They are sooooo adorable!

Lucky its a holiday today, so no work! Yippees....!!! Hm....I am really tired and I really dunno what should I pen down. I will try to put in more updates when I am more awake.

Meanwhile, nitez nitez and take care!


Monday, 30.01.2004 1548 hrs

Hiya all,

I have cleared up most of the posts I have put up here,as its a brand new year and we should have a brand new start. Sorry that I have been neglecting this webby as I am so tied up with work and my life.24 hours is definitely not enough for me.

My birthday had just passed and yes I have already arrived at the mark called "mid twenties". Well at least I dun look like 1 I hope, just yesterday, there's a lady that says I looked like a student. hm.... hopefully that's a compliment. ke ke ke....Have also gotten myself a new desktop yesterday too, motherboard had crush for the notebook *heart pain* and I am only able to sell it off for a meer $100 (I got it almost at $4K!!!)

I am trying to update some of the stuff in the webby, remember to give me some comments on them.

Take care & Cheers!

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