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  • "Hope ideas and inspiration can ooze smoothly into my mind and perfectly demonstrated."
  • “My mind is out of sort. Ideas’ refusal to materialized and compelled by the denial of time has left me pressed. May I find solace in the pleasing symphony of melodies?”
  • “May the sun reside behind the clouds with rain relieving us from the scorching and unrelenting heat”
  • “Elated joy bestowed as the good news dawned me. Your virtues attached with the kiss of luck sealed the waiting game. May this new chapter evolve magically to the JYage.”
  • “I know I can do it when I believe. I know I wan to see you again when I leave. I know I dun express myself like I want to be. I know u r not naggy becoz u care for me. A simple msg to a girl I love dearly, who comprehends, to know what I mean.”
  • “I look out of the window gazing at the celestial sight. Mr. Moon, are you lonely up in the sky at night? Are you so extra on the starry twilight that u sometimes hide? Take a good rest while the sun takes its flight.”
  • “Hey mr moon.. bet u r strong and bright
    Dun let anything covers ur light..
    U may look diff at times
    Round wif cheerful smile or sad wif a crescent face…
    Move on..dun stop ur pace! Everyone admired e mr moon tat showed us e way, want him around every single day!” Wish him happiness always! & smile!" (Written by Yakkomochhi 3rd may 2003 2.45am)
  • "Life end when u stop dreaming, hope end when u stop believing and luv end when u stop carin. So dream, hope and luv while u breath coz life is beautiful." (Written by Eve aka Rainydaes)
  • "Middle age is a only a fog if you can only see the shadow of yourself and not realising what you have wanted and learnt after going through that far in life"


  • "Love is a four letter word whereby when a loved one hurt you deeply and you still think of her, care for her and linger for her presence.
    Hate is a four letter word whereby when a loved one hurt you deeply and you hate yourself for still loving her so much.
    Leave if the loved one can be happier this way.
    Should I love, hate or leave, am i confused?"
  • "Must good things always come to an end?
    Must good things always be shortlived?
    Must good things turn stale before they are appreciated?
    Is it a sin to even think that good things can last?
    If the past were relived, would good things rekindle?
    Will good things be given another chance to evolve?"
  • Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound
    Raindrops taste like tears without the pain. (Found this in a quotation webby)

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