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ECS Run-time Engine
ECS Version 3.11
is ideal for parents and teachers - to help them automate the task of educating children through the proven method of "Practice Makes Perfect".

ECS Version 3.11
is powerful and yet so easy to use that you can start creating interactive and self-marking test questions in a matter of seconds!

ECS Version 3.11
has far more features than other similar but expensive software. It is the one and only state-of-the-art educational software you ever need!

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You can distribute ECS Run-time Engine with the questions you created with ECS Version 3.11 and SmartQuestions 1.00.

To install ECS Run-time Engine, please:
  • Download rte1.zip
  • Download rte2.zip
  • Unzip them to a folder to retrieve setup.exe and other files
  • Run setup.exe
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Download: rte1.zip and rte2.zip
ECS Run-time Engine is provided on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind. The risk as to the quality and performance of the software is borne entirely by you.

Latest News!!!
Smart Question 1.00
is an affordable lean and mean version of ECS Version 3.11.

Its graphic user interface makes Smart Question 1.00 quick to master and intuitive to use.

Its awesome step-by-step Wizard will guide you through the process of creating multiple-choice and fill-in questions.

Smart Question 1.00

Other Developments
The following are programs that you may find useful in everyday life, some of which you can download and use free of charge.

Free Stuff & Other Shareware
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