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Ancient forces through the ages
Dormant powers rise awake
From my heart, Light and Dark
From my hands, forged and shaped
Hear my call, that which I command
Unlock within, that which is forbidden!

     Hi! Welcome to my site. There isn't much to see or do here, I guess, but I hope you enjoy yourself. Always remember to have fun!

Please take note that this site will not be updated as often as I would like.
Please go to my main active website - Eternal Dream


April 10 2006
No, this site isn't dead. And no way is it going to die. I love this too much to let it die, since it had a special place in me. But, due to the space constrains (15MB only), I have run a duplicate of this site on another server with more storage space given. This is the site:
[Eternal Dream ~ Walking the Dreams of the Past, Present, Future, and Eternity]
This site will still be updated once in a while, like for now, just some editing to follow up with Eternal Dream's updates and changes. Anyway, since most of the links to my site send you people to here, I shall put up a message to send you to my more activate brother site. Cheers! (n.n)

January 5 2006
Yes, yes, a new year. Well, a late happy new year to you. I don't have anything to put up, just the regular (or irregular...) minor edits and corrections here and there. I still have to serve NS and run DreamGazer too, you know...

December 16 2005
Wow... That was a long time since I have touched this site. Haha... Well, now I'm back. But really nothing done. Just rearrange the links abit. There are still other sections to fill up, but not now. ... Hey, I know I'm procrastinating, okay? And knowing it is half the battle won, or something like that. Bah...

September 30 2005
Haha... Pulau Tekong is pretty boring. But in the night, if you happen to be out in the open, gaze upwards. You will see the stars and the moon very clearly, much clearer than at mainland Singapore. But strangely, on the 28 September, I don't see any stars at all... Hmmm... Anyway, yes, I'm back, but only for a moment. On Sunday night, I still have to go back to camp... Hai... And, I'm in BMTC2 SCORPION4. That's Basic Military Training Center 2 S Company Platoon 4 for you people. Scorpion has a long history of being the most relaxed company among BMTC2. Heh heh... Annnyyway, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I gonna hafta go through two years (minus three weeks) of NS. Still long way to go... Hai... Alright, nothing to add, so see you all next time. Ciao!

September 6 2005
Okay, I know it doesn't seem to have changed, but it does. Well, a bit, that it. There's a new site, run by Salty, known as the DreamGazer. Well, here's the bigger news... I going for National Service on the 9 September, which means there's only two days left. After that, I will won't be around for a few weeks. This site wouldn't be shut down, that's for sure, since I will still fiddle with it if I'm around and with time available. Same for the Gallery. Well, be going now. Until Next time!

June 30 2005 (1:15am)
2 days ago I just started a new section (Virtual On), putting my Angelan guide onto my webbie, which is something the guide never got the chance when my site is still using the old layout. Also, finally logged in to my friendster account, after hell knows how many donkey months... Ah-hah... Anyway, have to go now. Bye!

April 25 2005
I feel like closing this site down... What use does it have anyway? Or maybe I just leave it stagnant... I don't know. I know my mood wasn't really good recently. It hard, when you know that you have an attitude problem, plus you always see things in life differently from everybody else. How I still can manage everything so far still amazes me. Oh well. Whatever. I just hope I last through the ride. Whatever it is, sometimes I feel its better if you know there isn't anyone you can count on, and that shadows are everywhere... Anyway, I don't think I have much to do or put in this site. Doesn't matter, I'm letting things be anyway. High stress level does kill you, by the way...

April 20 2005
Ha ha... My new site layout is finally here... Took me three attempts to reach this stage... Anyway, enjoy. And my little hidden page's link? Its moved, but its still kinda difficult to "see"... Heh heh. Anyway, there still plenty to do, but not now. Next time, maybe. For now, see ya!

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