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Toastmasters International
TI Reports on District Performance (District 80 2004-2005)
TI Reports by Clubs Performance (District 80 2004-2005)
TI DCP Reports (District 80 2004-2005)
TI Reports on  Educational Achievements - District 80
Find a Toastmasters Club
Area Governor Visit Form
TI Districts Websites
District Newsletter - Aug-Sept 2004
District Newsletter - January 2005

History of Toastmasters

Dr Smedley 
  Brief History (download pdf file)
History At A Glance
Emblem History (download pdf file)
Famous Toastmasters
Golden Gavel

Materials for New Club

Proposed Budget for Formation of Toastmasters Club in Community Club (S'pore)
Check Lists (download 200KB)
Club Membership Forms (download 188KB)
New Club Covering Letter to TI - Sample
Tips for Members
Bring Out The Champion In You
How to Create a Winning Impromptu Speech
Evaluate with Care
Profit from the Wisdom of Others

Building A Toastmasters Club

Application Form To Organize a Toastmasters Club
How To Build A Toastmasters Club
167 Membership Building Ideas
Proposal To Start A Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters Club Strength Checklist
Club Coaching Program Information
Ideas For Members
Toastmasters Protocols Guidelines
Toastmasters FAQs
Club Management Resources
Administrative & Activities Checklist
Semiannual Report of Club Membership (April to October)
Semiannual Report of Club Membership (October to April)
Club Dues FAQs
Distinguished Club Goals
Club Treasurer's Report
Important Dates
Sample Budget for Club
Toastmasters International Membership Form
Club Scorecard
Club Workplan
How To Do Project Evaluation
  POET - How To Introduce A Project Speaker
  The Art of Evaluation (New)

Pointers for Club Success   (New)

  4 Effective Method To Communicate Effectively With Low Members Club (New)
  7 Habits of Highly Effective Evaluators
  8 Steps to Distinguished Results (New)
  10 Ideas for Chartering Strong Clubs(New)
  10 Reasons Why Clubs Fail (New)
  41 Ideas To Retain Your Members (New)
  Bounce Back From Burnout (New)
  Closing the Back Door - Membership Retention
  DCP and Club Success Plan
  Don't Try To Fill A Holey Pitcher (New)
  Evaluation - Systematic Approach (New)
  Encourage Manual Speech At Club Meetings (New)
  Highly Effective Area Governor Visits (New)
  How To Attract, Recruit, and Retain New Members (New)
  How To Collect Semi-Annual Dues (New)
  In Speech Excel, In Life Be Well (New)
  Master Your Meeting (New)
  Meeting Themes and Table Topics Ideas  (New)
  Mechanics of being a Distinguished Club (New)
  Rebuilding Your Club (New)
  Strengthening Low Membership (New)
  Table Topics - First Aid Kit (New)

About Contests (New)

  Speech Contest Judging Nuts and Bolts 
  Speech Contest Judging 
  Speech Contest Rules  
  Judging Sheet - HSC 
  Judging Sheet - HSC Tie Breaker 
  Judging Sheet - EC 
  Judging Sheet - EC Tie Breaker 
  Judging Sheet - TT 
  Judging Sheet - TT Tie Breaker 
  Judging Sheet - International Speech  
  Judging Sheet - IS Tie Breaker 
  Contest Checklist 
  Certificate of Eligibility
  Tally Counter Sheet
  Timer's Report

Organising Speechcraft (New)

  Speechcraft Flyer
  Speechcraft Banner
  Agenda for SC Sessions 2-4
  SC-P2 Organise Your Speech
  SC-P3 Get To The Point
  SC-Evaluation Tips
  SC-Ah Counter
  SC-Ah Counter Report
  About Toastmasters
  What's In It For Me

Educational Materials  (NEW)

  How to introduce a Speaker
  How To Be A Distinguished Club
  How To Keep Your Club at Charter Strength
  Effective Evaluation
  Building Club Membership
  Build Club in 1 month
  Dos and Don'ts of Chartering New Club
  9 Easy Steps To Charter A Club
  Ideas For Table Topics Themes
  Leadership Lessons
  Meet Members' Dues Goal
  Meet CTM and ATM Goals
  Members Education Achievements
  Meeting Responsibilities
  Creative Club Meetings
  Club Coach Reports
  Tips for Presidents
  Protocol List
  Truths in Leadership
  Speaking Opportunities Abound
  Life is Speech Topics
  Spice Up Your Meeting
  Scheduling Tips
  Dimensions of an Ideal  Team


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