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Students taking up IChO phase I training are to attend first meeting on:


Wednesday, 10 Jan 07, 3pm to 530pm

Block S2, level 2, seminar room1, National University of Singapore




The following students have been selected to take part in Phase I training to represent Singapore

in International Chemistry Olympiad. Please get the forms from Mr Wong Tze Yang (ext 822)

or from your chemistry tutors.

Please return the forms by Monday 8 Jan 2007 either through Mr Wong or your chemistry tutor.


Yak Xin Yang              S06D          Gan Chin Heng         S06Q

Benjamin Chen          S03K           Zhuang Furen   S03A

Shermon Ong             S06H          Wen Yu Sheng  S06M

Daniel Lo                     S06R           Tay Sei Kiat        S03Q







The SChO results are out; team RJC has done well and here are the statistics:

Gold medals : 6

Silver medals : 7

Bronze medals: 2

Best Team Award: RJC

Best Student Award (for overall top scorer) : Yak Xin Yang

Best Theory Test Award : Benjamin Chen


You can get the info from


Well done students! Details of prize presentation to follow, I guess….


In anycase, the top 25 or so scorers(who are Singaporean or PR) from SChO will be given the chance

to train and to be selected to represent Singapore for IChO(free trip to Moscow!!). So do press on for

the greater challenges





Practical training for all Chem O members will be conducted in chem. Lab 1 (lvl 4)

on 28/11/2006 Tuesday 10 am




Intensive Training for Selection Candidates for Chemistry Olympiad

Please click here for the intensive training schedule.

All selected candidates must attend the intensive trainings in

order to prepare for SChO.


Please prepare yourself well for the coming competition as it will be

a tough one.




Chemistry Olympiad Selection Test Results

The top 15 students with the highest scores are selected.


For the selected students please be on the alert for announcements.

The detailed programme for intensive training will be out soon.


−−>Click Here for the results <−−







          Actual Singapore Chemistry Olympiad dates


          Theory round

          20 Nov 2006


          Practical Round

          06 Dec 2006.


          All will be held at NUS. Make sure you are free on these dates!




          Chemistry Olympiad selection test is on 19/10/2006 Thursday. 430−630pm

          Please SIGN UP on the notice board to confirm your attendance and to facilitate our making the necessary arrangements.


  1. IChO Syllabus


(May vary from year to year depending on the organizers. but variance is slight. Note: heavy emphasis on physical chemistry topics.)


2.    Reading List


3.    Training Schedule  ß Updated!! 31st Aug 2006




Training on 17 Aug postponed to 4th Sept.


Equilibria Training is on 8th Sept 9 to 11 am at SR9-10                                                               


      Selection test has been postponed till after promos.


  1. Notes


The best IChO tasks from past IChOs


Organic Chemistry slides – Author: Miss Chua LC

Organic Chemistry Slides part 2 - Author: Miss Chua LC


MO theory notes – Author: Mr D Lai.


Chemical KineticsMr Tham ZS


Chemical EnergeticsMr Wong TY


  1. Some related websites

All the IChO websites contain preparatory questions and solutions (usually under the “chemistry” section), as well as the actual test questions and solutions. So surf around, download, and try.


38th International Chemistry Olympiad, South Korea


Actual Test Questions and solutions from 38th IChO


Preparatory Questions and solutions from 38th IChO


37th IChO, Taiwan


36th IChO , Germany


35th IChO, Greece